Nutrition Services at Club Towers – Free 20 Minute Consultation with Our Coach

Good nutrition habits are intrinsically linked to physical exercise and overall wellbeing.  That is why we are so pleased to now be able to offer nutrition services here at the Club.  We aim to help members to build good nutrition into their daily routines and to develop healthier lifestyles. 

Using the proven curriculum and resources of Precision Nutrition (PN) and delivered by our in-house PN Certified Coach, we offer the following services at our Club:

  • A habit based nutrition & lifestyle coaching programme – more information can be found here.
  • Seminars on nutrition fundamentals – please look out for these on our website and App.
  • A nutrition & lifestyle information hub

In addition, our coach Ann Towers would like to offer members a free 20-minute nutrition consultation. This will be an informal chat which gives members an opportunity to discuss anything about their nutrition habits and what they would like to improve upon.  If you struggle to lose weight, have an unhealthy relationship with food, want to break overeating habits, or are just keen to learn more about making the right food choices, then book a free consultation today.  The consultations will take place at the Club in a socially distanced way. To do so please speak to the Reception team or email Ann through [email protected] and she will get in touch to arrange a time.

For anyone considering the programme starting in September, this also provides the opportunity to ask any questions about what the programme involves and the results you can expect.

Full information on our nutrition services can be found here.