Free Nutrition Seminars During Fitness February

During Club Towers’ Fitness February, we will be running a series of three free on-line nutrition seminars, each focused on a particular aspect of healthy eating. Fitness is only one part of a healthy lifestyle equation and to have sustainable vitality we must also consider our diet and lifestyle habits.  Our nutrition services help members to look after these aspects of their lives, building good nutrition into their daily routines and developing healthier lifestyles.

The seminars will be as follows:

  • Thursday, 4th February 7.30pm & Tuesday, 9th February 7.30pm
    Why “diets” don’t work and how to make sustainable changes that DO!
  • Thursday, 11th February 7.30pm & Tuesday, 16th February 7.30pm
    What should I eat? and How much should I eat?
  • Thursday, 18th February 7.30pm & Tuesday, 23rd February 7.30pm
    Shape your Environment to make healthy eating easier for you – a Kitchen Makeover

The seminars will be run by certified Precision Nutrition Coach Ann. Each will last around 40 minutes and will take place on Zoom. Spaces are very limited as we try to make the content as interactive as possible. We find this provides greater value for the participants since you will have the opportunity to speak and ask questions should you wish to. You can sign up to 1, 2, or all 3 of the seminars – it’s entirely up to you and the sign-up page is here.

If the session is full and no longer accepting signups, please do add yourself to the waiting list in case anyone drops out. We will also be organising additional dates over the coming weeks, and we will give you priority booking for these sessions. We will contact you again once we have finalised dates for these extra sessions.

If you are unable to make the dates above but are interested in learning more, we can offer a free 1-2-1 (online) nutrition consultation, which can be arranged at a time convenient to you.  To book please email [email protected]

Here’s some more information on each of the three seminars:

Why “diets” don’t work and how to make sustainable changes that DO! (4th Feb, 7.30pm & 9th Feb, 7.30pm)

Why don’t diets work? Diets go against human nature and behaviours – our habits! They can often make us miserable and whilst they can result in a quick short-term weight loss, as soon as “normal” behaviours and habits resume the weight comes straight back on. 

This seminar looks at how habits are formed and their principles. We then begin to look at how to implement a change process that our mind and body are comfortable with.  Starting with just small five-minute actions that will lead to life changing habits.

“What should I eat?” and “How much should I eat?” ( 11th Feb, 7.30pm & 16th Feb, 7.30pm)

This seminar will help those who wish to eat well and make healthy choices but often stand in the kitchen wondering what to eat!  This isn’t about feeling deprived or going without, the approach is to think of foods in a spectrum, from “eat more” to “eat some” to “eat less”.  This seminar will show examples of food in each category and will help you to make better choices whilst still enjoying food you love to eat.   

We will also be looking at “portion control” – how much to eat. Most people think controlling portions means counting calories, but at Nutrition@ClubTowers, we use our hand as the guide for portion sizes – our hands are portable and in proportion to our own sizes.   This concept will be discussed further at the seminar.

Shape your environment to make healthy eating easier for you – a “Kitchen Makeover” (18th Feb 7.30pm & 23rd Feb, 7.30pm)

We aren’t talking major building work – don’t worry!  We are talking about surrounding yourself with the good stuff!  The seminar will take you through how to make small changes in habits to make your kitchen the best environment for you.  This includes how to make informed food choices including how to read (sometimes very confusing!) food labels.  It also links in with the previous week’s seminar on the spectrum of foods.

Lastly starting at 24th of February is our popular 16-week course, Master the Fundamentals of Healthy Eating – details of which can be found here.