Master the Fundamentals of Healthy Eating in Just 16 Weeks – Nutrition Course

At the start of a New Year we look to resolutions and fresh starts, eating and feeling healthier and stronger are often at the top of the list for many. So we are delighted to be able to offer nutrition services here at the Club to be able to help members achieve this.

Our 16-week programme covers the fundamentals of nutrition and healthy lifestyles, providing you with our in-house Precision Nutrition Certified Coach who will support you on every step of your journey.

2021 could be the year to transform your body and lifestyle for good!

Who is this programme for?

This programme is for people who want to:

  • Lose weight without dieting
  • Eat well and not feel deprived.
  • Have a better relationship with food and feel like food is a friend, not an enemy.
  • Develop the mental & emotional skills to build and sustain healthy eating habits.

What is the programme?

This is a specially designed 16-week nutrition coaching programme aims to help you to master the fundamentals of healthy eating. The programme puts particular focus on supporting you to “practice” (the DOING bit!!) healthy eating habits and develop the following skills:

  • Plan, prioritise and prepare for healthy eating (this skill also applies to many other areas of your nutrition and wellbeing)
  • Eat appropriate nutrients that are right for your body
  • Self-regulate eating to the right amount of food, without sacrificing enjoyment.

Knowing what to eat, how much to eat and how to eat can really help us to develop a better relationship with food and this programme focuses on these life changing habits.

So, how does the programme work?

You will start by telling your individual programme coach all about yourself, including your goals, health challenges, and daily routine.

Easy-to-use online platform

All of the information is provided online in an easy-to-use platform including an area where you can capture your thoughts and progress throughout in your owner’s manual.

Simple nutrition habits and daily check-ins

Every two weeks, through the platform, you will get a nutrition habit to practice. To support your practice, there are lessons and further resources for you to read related to the practice topic at a time convenient to you. To help you to achieve this, you will receive a daily habit reminder for you to check-in, acting as a reminder but also providing accountable motivation to stay on track.

Personalised support

Your coach will regularly check-in with you to see how you are doing and to answer any questions you have and may periodically provide feedback to your lesson responses through the online platform.   You can also message your coach whenever you need, if you have any questions about anything or are just struggling with motivation on some days.  Having a coach really does help to keep you on track!  

Monthly 1-1 session with your coach

This programme also includes four 20-minute 1-1 coaching sessions with your coach, either via Zoom or in-person offering further opportunities to get more in-depth coaching and help you to develop your understanding.

Programme Date: 24th February 2021

You have the option of starting the programme on the 24th February. Upon signing up, your personal coach will get in touch straightaway to virtually “meet” you, find out your goals and get you set up for the journey. Once you are all set, your healthy eating practices will start on the following Monday for 16 weeks.

Alternatively, we appreciate everyone’s schedules are different (especially at the moment) so if you are not able to make the above date, or keen to get going sooner, we are able to offer you to start the programme on a different week that suits you, please do get in touch to ask.

Cost: £280

£70 per month for 4 months by direct debit.

Or a £250 one-off payment.

Just the beginning……

This programme is the first module of a year-long, habit-based nutrition & lifestyle coaching programme. At the end of this 16-week course, there are plenty of opportunities to continue your life changing journey. Building upon the skills you have learnt, your coach will recommend the next module based on your specific requirements, goals and your success with the habits covered in the first sixteen weeks.  The further modules focus on mastering skills such as:

Getting active and building fitness into your life.
Managing stress and getting quality sleep and recovery.
Eat well consistently & choose higher quality foods.
Regulating emotions without using foods.
Maintaining your healthy nutrition & lifestyle habits consistently, even when distractions arise.

You will be able to make a decision on whether to pursue further modules, and what the focus should be, towards the end of your initial 16-week programme.  

Take the first steps now and invest in a healthier & happier you!

To find out more or to sign up, please email Coach Ann at