Member Inspiring Story – Gail Highton – Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Success

Gail is a familiar and friendly face to many; a Foundation Member who is very active at the Club, and her story is inspiring for a number of reasons. Facing some frustrating and worrying issues, Gail adopted a new approach to prioritising her wellbeing and fitness, managing to lose two stones in weight along the way! She has shown the value in our nutrition courses, which are focused on changing habits for the long-term, and has kindly agreed to share her story and thoughts in the hope of helping others to achieve similar change.

Gail has always been active; doing group cycle and yoga classes, swimming and lifting weights. Yet at the beginning of 2021, despite this level of exercise, she was unhappy with her weight and shape, in a highly stressful job and had an unhealthy emotional relationship with food.  She was in a rut after the effect of the Covid lockdowns, frustrated that the weight loss wasn’t coming, and she also had a health scare that made her realise that she needed to “DO SOMETHING!”.  Gail had previously tried every fad diet going and didn’t know where to start. Thankfully, luck was on her side! A charity raffle win saw Gail gain a place on our nutrition course “Master the Fundamentals of Healthy Eating in just 16 weeks” and despite being nervous she thought, “what have I got to lose?” and signed up. 

Gail now says this is the best thing that could have happened as she reflects:

“A whole year in and I’ve lost 2.3 stone and lots of inches. I’m down a dress size, my body is leaner and I’m much fitter and more consistent in my exercise routines. I have adopted a range of habits that are much healthier and empower me to make better choices about what I eat and how I live my life.

I walk taller, I’m more confident and have better relationships with others. Above all, I know how to rest and how to show myself the compassion to be the healthiest and happiest version of me.”

The course isn’t a diet. It is a habit-based lifestyle programme that helps you to understand what to eat, how much to eat and how to develop a better relationship with food.  It isn’t about calorie counting or going without; it’s about making small changes that, when done consistently, will help to improve all elements of your life.  The programme is delivered through an online coaching platform, supported by a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified Coach, with daily emails, two group meet ups and Gail’s favourite part, four monthly, in person, 1-2-1 coaching sessions.

“Having a coach’s support and also being held accountable made a huge difference to me.  Whilst wanting to make changes and eat better, I knew there were emotional barriers to me doing this and having a coach to support me every step of the way made all the difference. 

Coach Ann has been a crucial part of my journey. Her compassion and her ability to listen and understand the crux of my message has been pivotal!”

After loving the results she was seeing after the 16-week course, liking the well thought out structure to it, the achievable common sense approach, and wanting to learn and improve further, she signed up for modules 2 and 3, and these are just coming to an end now. It has been quite a journey – one that she believes has changed her life forever and that she plans to continue!  Gail’s exercise routine hasn’t changed that much, but she feels she is smarter with what she does, she listens to her body and just feels stronger and more confident; in part due to her better energy levels.

We were absolutely thrilled to hear what a positive impact the course has had on Gail and her family, so we asked her to share some tips for anyone looking to start on a healthy eating journey. Here are some of the things that she has learnt from our programmes.

  • Turn Up!  Commit Fully!  You are the most important person. To be the best person you can be for your loved ones, you must prioritise yourself.  As with most things the more you commit to it, the better it will be.
  • Book exercise into your diary in the way you would a work meeting and then don’t let anything else move it! 
  • Communicate with your friends and family – Let them know what you are doing and why and that you need their support.  This programme doesn’t stop you socialising, far from it, but it helps you make better choices when with family and friends to allow you to enjoy food without feeling guilty.  If your loved ones understand, then it will make it much easier.
  • Don’t overreact! – you won’t be perfect every day, who is?  And what is perfect anyway?! One of my favourite habits/lessons from the course is about wiping the slate clean. So if you’ve not been at your best one day, wipe it clean and start again tomorrow, even later that day.  One bad meal doesn’t need to throw you off course.  It’s real life!
  • Listen to your daily lesson first thing – your daily email will be waiting for you when you wake up. Read that before anything else, it will set your mind up for the day – positively and compassionately.
  • Be kind to yourself – You are doing your best and that is good enough. The course will support you with making good choices and developing better habits. Follow it and enjoy the transformation.

So what’s next for Gail? In one easy answer, she says.. Carry On!  Continuing to prioritise her health and wellbeing, not taking it for granted, enjoying food and loving life. 

A big thank you to Gail for taking the time to share her story and thoughts. She hopes it will help to inspire you and others.

You can find out more about our 16 week course at or arrange a 20 minute free consultation available to all members to ask any questions you may have with the Reception team or via [email protected]