Introducing our Sales and Retention Manager: Alice Richardson

24 January 2017

Tell us a little of your background. What is your experience of the leisure industry?

I have always enjoyed sports and participated at county level as a junior in both swimming and netball. My passion for sports grew as I got older and I studied PE at both GCSE and A-Level, and followed this up with a Sport Science & Physical Education Degree at Bedford University. I originally had visions of becoming a PE teacher but soon found myself in a sales role in the leisure industry and never looked back! I spent the next 4 years of my career working for David Lloyd, Nuffield Health and Fusion Lifestyle, working my way up to a managerial level for Fusion before applying to join the Club Towers team.


What attracted you to the position of the Sales and Retention Manager at Towers Health & Racquets club?

When I heard about this new development in Bedford, it instantly sparked my interest. I was actually very happy in my role with Fusion but the chance to move to a brand new premium facility does not come around too often and I was ecstatic that I was lucky enough to get the job!

I love working in a Health Club environment and really enjoy being able to offer a personal experience to the members. I love meeting new people from all different backgrounds and finding out the reasons they have chosen to join. It is my job to ensure our members are getting the most out of their membership, have a great experience and want to keep coming back.

Seeing how Club Towers has progressed in the past few months and finding out more about what is going on behind the scenes has made my passion grow stronger and I can’t wait to get started and welcome the first members into the Club in March!


When recruiting for your staff, what will you be looking for?

I will be looking for staff that are friendly, confident, self-motivated and have a passion for the industry. Ideally, they will have experience in sales and share the same interest in helping people as I do. The member journey for me is one of the most important aspects of a club and I want to ensure that all of our members feel welcome on each and every visit.

Club Towers is a premium Health Club so we need to provide the members with premium customer service. This can be taught in many ways, but my staff must have the motivation and personality to reflect the service I want us to provide.

Of course staff that are reliable, professional and have a strong work ethic is a must as well!


How good is your squash and tennis?

I am bad at tennis but love it! My partner plays and coaches tennis so he was keen to get me into it. I have only really had the chance to practice my tennis skills on holidays so far and therefore I am very much looking forward to trying the amazing facilities Club Towers will have to offer and hopefully win a point or two along the way!

I have also been to Wimbledon in the past and I absolutely loved it, so have attempted to get tickets again this year….fingers crossed.

As for squash… ask me again next year……


What is your favourite food?

Anybody that knows me will know exactly what my favourite food is! I am a very keen baker and my staff are lucky enough to have tried my (I like to think famous) cupcakes. I do try and lead a healthy lifestyle but the odd slice of cake and pizza every now and again always goes down well.

I am looking forward to the Cafe/bar menu that Jake and his team will offer; I certainly know where to go if I forget my lunch!


What do you like to do when not working?

As I have grown up around leisure, I have a keen interest in the gym and work out around five times a week. When I am not training, I love spending time in our house watching series on Netflix, sometimes getting too carried away with episode after episode if I am honest. I am sure keen Netflix fans will understand!

I have also grown up with four brothers and am therefore very family oriented and enjoy spending time with my six nieces. I love being around children so am looking forward to meeting the families and their little ones that will be using our facilities.


And finally…. who has been your biggest influence?

There have been a few. My Nan and Grandad were huge influences for me and were responsible for introducing me to the art of baking. My parents have also been a great influence and got me into sports from a young age (they probably saw me getting overfed by my Grandparents so thought they needed to act fast!) and lastly, my first General Manager for seeing potential in me. As I mentioned above, I never pictured myself going into sales but he saw strengths in me and helped develop me into the Manager I am today.