Club Towers Coffee – A Select Blend

10 August 2017

It’s 10.30am on a Thursday morning and we have just finished a great ‘Body Attack’ class with Emma. Flagging and in need of a ‘pick me up’ there is nothing better than a coffee and a natter with friends in the bar/restaurant. If we worked really hard, a gluten free chocolate brownie makes for wonderful weekly treat too!

At Club Towers, we are dedicated to providing exceptional coffee. After rigorous testing, our team selected the Caffia ‘Syncro’ machine you see in our bar today. Streamlined like a high-end sports car, the inner working parts reflect the exterior providing the perfect equipment to prepare your beverages.

After sampling more beans than we can count we partnered again with Caffia, a small family business based out of Falkirk, and a selection was made……

The “Supremo” is a deluxe coffee bean on the somewhat darker roast end of the spectrum. A superior Arabica blend with rich liquorice, caramel body and a lasting aromatic finish. The blend includes an East African coffee for the touch of liquorice as well as 10% washed Indian Robustas to assist penetrating the milk in caffé lattes or cappuccinos.

Hope to see you on Thursday (or any other morning for that matter) for a coffee and a natter!