Classes in the Bubble & Top Tips for Staying Warm when exercising outside.

4 December 2020

Following our successful trial of classes in the Tennis Bubble, we are pleased to be moving a few of our very popular morning classes there through the month of December. The following classes will be held on Courts 6 and 7:

  • Mondays 10.30am Body Attack,
  • Tuesdays 9.45am LBT
  • Fridays 11.15am Zumba

This will allow more members to enjoy their favourite classes with plenty of space between participants.   Classes are booked in the app in the normal way but can be identified by the location and the available spaces (30). Please do remember to bring your own mat.

As the temperature in the Bubble is roughly the equivalent of outside temperature it is important you dress appropriately to keep safe and well. Warming up will be important and our instructors will ensure the workout does this. 

Here are a few tips from our Fitness Manager Katy Thomas for those members taking part in classes within the Bubble or exercising outside in general through the colder months – 

  • Stay Dry – we lose heat quickly if we get wet, therefore choose active wear made of synthetic material (rather than cotton) as this wicks (absorb or draw off (liquid) by capillary action) sweat or moisture away from the skin.
  • Layer Up – start with a thin base of sweat/moisture wicking material and have layers you can remove as you get warm. The higher intensity the activity, the fewer layers you may need. Ensure you remove layers as you warm up; too many layers at high intensity will mean more moisture on the skin. 
  • Protect the Extremities – fingers, toes, ears and nose are most affected by the cold so consider, gloves, hats or ear coverings to keep those areas warm.
  • Stay Hydrated – even at colder temperatures we need to hydrate as much as we would during the warmer months or inside.
  • Post Workout – ensure you cool down and stretch (our classes always include this!) Your body temperature will drop quickly so ensure you get out of any damp clothing as soon as possible. Add back any layers you have removed, and/or bring dry spare clothing to change into as necessary.

We hope you enjoy the classes! Don’t forget that if exercising from home is the best choice for you at the moment, all members receive access to Club Towers Live. If you haven’t got your access code yet, please email [email protected]