Working in the Quiet Lounge

The pandemic has changed the way many people work, and as a result we want to just remind you of our Club Lounge policies.

During the busiest period from 10am to 1pm, laptop use is only be permitted either in the Quiet Lounge or outside on the terrace.

Outside of these times we are very happy for members to sit and work in the Lounge for an hour or so before/after exercise. However, it is not designed as an “office” where you sit and work for long periods.

If you do want to work in the Club, please base yourself in the Quiet Lounge if possible. If you have to use the main Lounge (outside the 10am – 1pm time period) then please use the smaller tables wherever possible to leave the bigger ones for couples and groups. If the Lounge gets busy, or we feel you have been working for too long in the Lounge, we may ask you (politely!) to move on, or to a different table, to free up space for other members.

Finally, please be considerate to other members when using your phone and remember that the Lounge is not a private area and not suitable for video conference calls.