Strength Training Advanced Course Starting February 2024

15 December 2023

Are you looking to take your strength training to the next level? Strength training has so many benefits if executed correctly and we know there are lots of members in the gym ready to progress. This has motivated our PT Neeraj to put together a course to enable those ready to do progress to do exactly that.
The 8-week course focuses predominantly on taking your Strength Training to the next level with a measurable benchmark set at the beginning. It is aimed at intermediate and advanced participants who already strength train. It will start with a muscle building phase, then a muscle strengthening phase and finally will work on your ability to adapt these for maximal output.

What are the aims of this 8-week course?

  • Increase your understanding of strength training.
  • To follow a systematic plan which guarantees strength and coordination progression.
  • Help with accountability over the 8-week period.
  • Teach you safe form and a range of different exercises.
  • Preventing injuries whilst making progressions
  • Learn how to create a strength programme for yourself.

The course effectively gives you all the tools to make progression by yourself.

Course Details

The course will run in February 2024 for 8 weeks with an additional ‘prep’ week before the start date. We purposely haven’t set an exact time or day for it to start at this stage as we want to find one that’s as mutually convenient as possible for the participants of the course.

Test week – course introduction and strength screening

You will meet Neeraj for a 1- 1 screening. The results you get from this will be used to plan the next 8 weeks. It also gives you a chance to express alternate goals alongside strength progressions.

Weeks 1 – 3 – 3 week hypertrophy block

This block helps us build coordination and a neural connection to our muscles. It will help prevent injuries potentially occurring later in the course. It also gives us time to build as much muscle as we can before we potentiate it.

Week 1 – injury prevention and hypertrophy work
Will include basic movements to ease the lifter into consistent training and help them adjust to the volume.

Week 2 – stability training and hypertrophy work
Consists of slightly more advanced movements and stability training. These movements translate to those needed for strength in everyday life.

Week 3 – injury prevention, stability, and hypertrophy training.
We now combine the previous weeks together and will push ourselves to our limits to maximise progression.

Weeks 4 – 6 – 3 week maximal strength block

This block helps us prepare not only the joints and muscles for heavier loads but also our central nervous system. Gradual increases in weight and intensity will result in more strength progression.

Week 1 + 2– loading stage
Very similar movements as the first block however the intensities will be increased, and volume slightly decreased to help us recover properly. We will run this for 2 weeks to give us adequate time to progress.

Week 3 – deload stage
Designed to help the body recover, repair, and prime it for maximum loads.

Week 7 – Power block

With the added muscle and strength, now we must combine them both so they can instantly work in unison. Working in the 80-90% intensity range. This is where your ability to produce force quickly will be tested and progressed.

Week 8 – ReTest week

Retest the lifts that we began with and see the progression in strength, power or endurance.

Who is the course aimed at?

This is for the gym goer who is looking to elevate their training and personal knowledge. It is also for those who are looking for a measurable increase in results.
Please note this isn’t for the beginner lifter as it requires advanced coordination and confidence in the gym setting alone. Please contact Neeraj directly on [email protected] if you would be interested in beginner or intermediate strength training PT sessions.

How to Book

To enquire about booking a place on the course or if you’d like more information please email our Fitness Manager Katy Thomas on [email protected].

About the Course Leader Neeraj

Neeraj has been with the Club for just over two years now. He is a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer with a passion for Strength Training. Neeraj uses his knowledge and expertise both with his regular clients and within our very popular Gym Floor Workouts. You will often see him working on his own goals and training, so he really does practice what he preaches!