Racketlon is back! – 3rd September

26 July 2022

Our third annual Racketlon tournament takes place on Saturday 3rd September 2022 from 11am to 6pm, and will appeal to anyone who loves their racquet sports!

What is Racketlon?

In a nutshell you play table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis. Each sport is played to 21 points and the player with the most points across all sports wins. This relatively simple description hides a wonderful sport filled with intricacy, mental pressure, tactics and a huge amount of fun. Ultimately in Racketlon, every point counts and that makes it an intriguing, exciting and fantastic sport to play. Here’s a link with more information on the official UK Racketlon game (

The Club Towers Racketlon

The Club Towers Racketlon doesn’t include badminton, as we do not offer this at the Club. We substitute racketball for badminton to make up the four sports, alongside squash, tennis and table tennis. Our shorter format event plays to 11 points for each sport, making at least 44 points contested between each player, with a sudden death point at 10-10. The tournament is planned as: 

Group stage: 4 per group / games to 11 points / group winner qualifies for semi-finals.

Semi Finals


Even if you are knocked out in the group stages the semis and finals are fantastic to watch as the four best racquets all-rounders at Club Towers tussle for every point. As we play all rounds and final in one day there is the added exhaustion factor to throw into the mix too. And don’t forget the almost essential drink and camaraderie in the Club Lounge afterwards.

Who can play?

All adult racquets members who like to play competitively! It’s very common for players to come to a Racketlon tournament with experience in only a couple of the four sports. However, racquet sports players are usually able to pick up the basics of all the sports very quickly so don’t be put off if you have not played one of the disciplines before.  However, you do need to have a reasonably high level of fitness to be able to compete.

How will we score on the day?

Every point counts! For example, if you lose a tennis match 5-11, win squash 11 – 2, lose table tennis 7-11, and win racketball 11 – 7, then you would win your racketlon match 34-31. The top two from each group will move forward to the semi-finals.  Then it is a head-to-head against your opponent in the semi-final and final, before we can finally crown the Racketlon champion!

Book your place at Reception now.  Entry is FREE.   Or if you are interested in entering but would like to find out more please contact Steve Adams on [email protected].