Nutrition Programme – starting 15th September 2020

31 August 2020

We firmly believe that physical exercise is only one part of a healthy lifestyle equation and to have sustainable vitality we must also consider our diet and lifestyle habits so we are excited to now be able to offer a nutrition programme that does just that here at the Club. Our next programme starts on the 15th September.

It is a unique programme that focuses on developing sustainable healthy lifestyle habits. If you are fed up of fad diets followed by periods of “falling off the wagon”, or just want to loose some weight and get fitter and healthier, then please do take a look. Each programme lasts for 12 months but the commitment is worth it as it really can change your life. Full details of the coaching programme can be found on our website

Our pilot programme, which ran between November 2019 and April 2020, really helped participants to cope with the COVID lockdown. You might like to see some of their feedback to us – it is quite remarkable.

The first participants have already signed up to join us from September (15th) and the Early Bird sign up discount (get a month free on your 12th month) remains until end of August. So don’t delay if you want to develop healthier habits that will change your life, helping you become the healthiest version of you.

Should you want to find out more about the programme please do get in touch through [email protected]