Give the Gift of Wellbeing for Christmas…

23 October 2020

As we turn our attention towards Christmas and how we might enjoy it best in this very strange year, have you considered giving an experience that will hopefully lead to better health and wellbeing for a loved one?

We offer vouchers in the Club that can be customised and personalised for a friend or relative. They are beautifully presented in an envelope with bows and ribbon, so that all the hard work is done for you!  Or if you prefer, we can complete the information and prepare an e-gift card.

The vouchers we have available are:

  • Membership – can be 3 months or 12-months.
  • Subscription to Club Towers Live – 3 months at £30 or 6 months at £60.
  • PT Sessions – Starting from £28/session.
  • Tennis or Squash Coaching – from £30/session.
  • Club Lounge Vouchers – any amount to enjoy a delicious and relaxing meal after a workout.  

More details on all of these gifts can be found below, and the Reception Team would be happy to answer any questions that you might have (01234 607111) or process your voucher request.


Why not introduce a husband/wife, partner or friend to the Club by buying them their initial membership? It might just change their life! Or are you trying to get your child away from their screen? We have lots for junior activities for all ages to try – whether it is getting in the gym and classes (for the older ones), swimming, or trying tennis and squash.

3-month, 6-month or 12-month options are available and these can be paid for via direct debit, or purchased in a one-off payment.

Club Towers Live Subscription

Many of you will already be using our online streaming service, Club Towers Live. Exercising at home is so convenient for people with busy lives, or for those having to shield in the current environment. “Live” enables you to get the benefit of our amazing classes and instructors from the comfort of your own home. Whilst this is included as part of your Club Towers membership, it can be purchased for any non-member friends and family, either as a three-month (£30) or six-month (£60) subscription. Being an online service, anyone can sign in from anywhere in the world – they don’t need to be local to the Club. This might be a great gift for a student or someone you are sadly not going to see to exchange presents this year.  You could even arrange to do classes at the same time in your own living rooms! These vouchers are paid up-front at Reception and we will do the rest!

The following can only be purchased for fellow members.  Unfortunately, we are unable to sell guest passes this year as we are trying to limit numbers coming into the Club to help in the battle against COVID-19.

Personal Training (PT) Sessions

We are lucky to have a highly experienced team of friendly personal trainers who are helping members every day in the Club.  So, whether your friend or family member needs some help losing weight, building strength, or just gaining confidence, why not buy them a personal training pack? Prices start at £28 per 30 minute session.  Information on our trainers and the areas they specialise in can be found here or please do ask the Reception team.

Tennis & Squash Coaching

Whether your intended recipient is new to tennis or squash and needs an introduction to the sport, or is a seasoned pro that has an area of their game they would like to work on, we have a number of experienced squash and tennis coaches who can help improve a game.  Vouchers can be purchased at Reception and you will then be given the coach’s details to arrange the coaching sessions in the New Year. Prices are typically around £30/hour.

Club Lounge Vouchers

This year has confirmed, above all else, that spending time with your loved ones is precious! So why not treat them to lunch or dinner in our Club Lounge? Vouchers can be purchased for any amount, and are purchased at Reception. When you come to the date of your meal, you can book in advance if you wish to ensure we have a table reserved for you.

We hope that there is something in the above list for you! If you have any questions, please do ask our Reception Team at the desk or on 01234 607111.

All vouchers are valid for 12 months (starting 1st January 2021) and this date would be extended should there be any local lockdowns (although we are hoping this won’t happen again!).