Beat the Lockdown Blues with Fitness February

30 January 2021

With the lockdown forecast to extend into March, we are very concerned that the downsides of lockdown (poorer health, fitness, wellbeing and mental suffering) are not being taken seriously enough. Therefore, whilst we remain closed in February, we felt we should do more to try to improve health and wellbeing – not just amongst our members, but also in the wider community.

Introducing Fitness February!

During February, we will therefore be running a number of initiatives to try to keep you, your friends and your family healthy and feeling good. We will be publicising these via our social media pages, so please do look out for updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And do keep an eye out for regular updates on our App.

Give a Free Month of Club Towers Live Classes to a Friend or Relative

Are you worried about the health & wellbeing of a friend, neighbour or family member? Well, you can now help by giving them a free month’s membership of Club Towers Live and encouraging them to get more active during February by doing some of our fantastic on-line classes. Simply send us the details of your nominated friend/relative to [email protected]. We only need their full name and email address. We will then generate a free coupon code that they can use, which will last for 5 weeks, and send it directly to them with details of how to sign up.

But don’t stop there! Rather than just let them get on with the classes themselves, why not pencil in a time to do a regular class together. You could Facetime or Zoom at the same time as doing the class, so that you can see each other and offer encouragement. Getting motivated to do a class is so much easier if someone else is doing it with you!

February Fitness Challenge

Each week during February, our Fitness Manager Katy will be setting a new and different challenge to help motivate you to keep exercising. These are designed to be progressive and keep things interesting!

Week 1 Challenge – 1st to 7th February – Can you find 30 minutes each day to be active?

It could be a brisk walk, cycle, jog, some gardening or one of our fantastic live classes. Tell us what you did each day and we would love to see your photos too!

Please post your photos, videos and comments on our Facebook page, or post them to Twitter or Instagram and tag us. You will find us on Facebook here.

Different challenges will follow for weeks 2, 3 and 4…….. watch this space……

Free Nutrition Seminars

During Fitness February, we will be running a series of on-line nutrition seminars, each focused on a particular aspect of healthy eating. Exercise is only one part of a healthy lifestyle equation and to have sustainable vitality we should also consider our diet and lifestyle habits. 

The seminars will run as follows:

4th February – Why “diets” don’t work and how to make sustainable changes that DO!

11th February – “What should I eat?” and “How much should I eat?”

18th February – Shape your environment to make healthy eating easier for you – a “Kitchen Makeover”

Each on-line seminar starts at 7.30pm and lasts around 40 minutes. Spaces will be limited as we try to make the content as interactive as possible. We find this provides greater value for the participants since you will have the opportunity to speak and ask questions should you wish to. More information on the content of each seminar, and instructions for how to sign up can be found on our blog here.

Trick Shot Challenge

We don’t want to leave our racquets members out, so during Fitness February we will be running a trick-shot challenge, with prizes for the winners. This is something that England Squash has been doing for a few weeks and we liked the idea so much we thought we would borrow it! Simply get out your tennis and/or squash racquets and devise a shot or sequence of shots that will impress the judges (that’s us!). It can be very simple (e.g. ball bounces on strings and frame) or more complicated! Top England Squash player Daryl Selby gives you some ideas right here.

Do encourage your children to take part – age will be taken into account when awarding the prizes! Please send your video entries to us at [email protected] or post them on our Facebook page.

Hopefully, there is something in this list to help you and your family to stay active and healthy during Fitness February! We are looking forward to it!