Club Towers Performance Squash Coaches

Making too many errors? Getting wound up on court? Or just bemoaning a lack of racquet control? Familiar problems indeed and anyone that has played squash socially or competitively I am sure can relate to some, if not all of these. Well do not worry help is at hand!

We are very lucky at Club Towers to have some exceptional coaches in our ranks. We have 11 coaches in total, the majority of whom are members at the Club as well. We thought it would be a great time to give you an insight into the playing and coaching careers of three of our elite coaches. In the links below they each share with us some of the highlights of their playing careers (and there are some serious highlights in the list!) and give us some great insight into the game and the answers to many of our squash playing problems!

Jenny has an impressive background as a professional squash player, reaching a career high of number 8 in the world. As a level 3 coach Jenny helps coach BMS school on a Thursday afternoon and has been instrumental in driving our ladies squash section. She can often be seen either training with some of our team players or practicing with her two daughters on court.

Steve Evans, also had an excellent professional career, breaking into the top 100 in the world in the men’s game. Steve is a level 4 coach that coaches our Saturday morning junior group and helps on a Wednesday afternoon as well with his two boys attending the session.

Steve Barlow is a level 4 coach that has been with the Club from the start. He has represented England at various age group categories and coaches our more advanced juniors at the Club on a Wednesday afternoon.

All three coaches are going to be heading up a new performance programme at the Club with the aim of helping our better juniors move their games onto the next level.

To find out more about them and for some great advice on the game please do click on the links below:

Introducing Jenny Denyer – Career highlights and mental control

Introducing Steve Evans – Career highlights and analysing your errors

Introducing Steve Barlow – Career highlights and racquet control practice