Attention Middle Aged Men – Get Fit to Live Longer

A recent study by researchers at the University of Gothenburg found that middle-aged men who perform better in exercise tests of their aerobic capacity go on to live longer than their peers who did less well in the same tests.

The researchers compared the effects of low aerobic capacity with other risk factors traditionally associated with shortening life expectancy – blood pressure, smoking and serum cholesterol. They found that low aerobic capacity was second only to smoking in its effect of reducing life expectancy.

The study worked with a sample of 650 men born in 1913. In 1967, aged 54, they each underwent a maximum exercise ergometer test which measures maximum oxygen uptake. The study followed these men over the next 45 years (to age 100), with several physical examinations taking place over this timeframe. This type of long term study is rare and makes the results particularly important.

According to lead author Dr Per Ladenvall from University of Gothenburg: “The effect of aerobic capacity on risk of death was second only to smoking – so the benefits of being physically active over a lifetime are clear. We have come a long way in reducing smoking. The next major challenge is to keep us physically active and also to reduce physical inactivity, such as prolonged sitting.”

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For full details of the University of Gothenburg study, see