World Squash Day 2020 – Why we Love Squash

As many of you will know, squash is a key part of the Club and it has always been our ambition to help the sport grow and regenerate in Bedford. Our founder Matt and General Manager Steve are both long-standing sports enthusiasts with a particular love of squash and the Club was built to provide a great facility to both play and watch. Fast forward to the present day and we now have a full squash programme to be proud of, with growing participation levels. We have a strong cohort of junior members who play, along with local schools who use our courts for lessons and a junior performance programme about to kick off.  The adult playing membership is also thriving with many hardened regulars, returners to the sport, brand-new beginners taking to the courts, and a recently developed ladies’ section.

With the current restrictions on group activities, rather than host an event this year we thought we would mark World Squash Day by sharing why we love it so much! There are so many opportunities available here at the Club and hopefully, we can encourage a few more of our members to give it a go!

So why play Squash?

  • Gets you fit – Squash is the ultimate HIIT workout, it involves bursts of high energy followed by short periods of rest, the very definition of HIIT training.
  • Burns calories – this obviously depends upon the level you are playing at, but you can burn in excess of 500 calories per session[1].
  • It is sociable – Squash helps you to meet other people and form new social circles.
  • To get a quick workout – because of its intensity, court bookings are only 45 minutes, so if you are short of time it’s a great fitness option.
  • It’s an all-weather sport – you don’t need to worry about any weather calling off play and ruining your plans! And our courts are always warm!
  • To have fun! – According to England Squash whatever their age or ability, the number one reason people play squash is because it’s fun and we couldn’t agree more!
  • It’s great therapy– we think there’s nothing better for stress relief than hitting a ball as hard as you can against a wall, releasing any negative energy.  Squash, along with any sport or exercise, reduces stress, releases endorphins and improves your mood.
  • Helps you live longer – People who regularly play racket sports are 53% less likely to experience cardiovascular disease according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine.[2]
  • Play as a family – in an increasingly insular and IT-focused world, squash is something you can do with your partner or your kids. Please note that all U18 juniors have to wear protective goggles. These can be borrowed from Reception. Please return them after use so they can be sterilised and quarantined.
  • It’s for everyone – we have introduced lots of beginners of all ages to the sport in recent years and most of them absolutely love it. You don’t have to be the fittest or the strongest or the most skilled to give it a go and really enjoy playing. There is always someone at your level!

Club Towers Squash Programme

We are gradually building our programme safely back up again since reopening. Here’s what is currently available:

Squash Welcome: if you are new to the game or keen to get back to it, book a free squash welcome with our coach Ed. He will give you some basic pointers, assess your standard and help guide you towards the right activities for you within our squash programme.  This can be arranged at a time convenient to you and Ed. Please speak to the Reception team to arrange it.

Squash and Racketball Club Night takes place every Friday night from 5.45 – 6.30pm. Please book through the App or with the Reception team.  All playing abilities welcome. This will not be match play (unless someone in your bubble is also in attendance) but can still be good fun and exercise! Members can either play Squash or Racketball on the night and we encourage a good mix of both!

Junior Coaching – we run coaching sessions on Saturday mornings from 9.30-10.15am and Wednesday evenings from 5.45 – 6.30pm for juniors aged seven and up.  To find out more and to book please speak to our Reception team.

Ladies Squash and Prosecco evenings – these friendly, relaxed evenings were popular before lockdown and we are looking to get them started again.  Once a month our coaches Jen and Juliette will be looking to get ladies back on the courts with some informal coaching and drills followed by a glass of Prosecco in the Club Lounge.  The exact format of the evening will depend upon how many members are interested. They will be run on Wednesday nights at 7.15pm and the pencilled in (subject to change) dates are: 11th November and 16th December.  Commitment isn’t required for all sessions, so just join us when you can! If you would like to register your interest or book, please speak to the Reception team in the Club or email [email protected]

Private Coaching/Lessons

We are very lucky here at the Club to have several coaches, so should you wish to book some private coaching there are lots of options. Details of the coaches and contact information can be found here.

Playing Safe

We can’t not mention COVID and the restrictions it is currently creating; however, we are staying positive and focusing on what we can do: coaching, match play in your bubble, and drills.  Further information can be found in the squash corridor.

Keeping our courts looking pristine!

We spend a lot of time and money making sure our courts stay in the best condition for everyone. However we do need your help too! Please wear non-marking shoes whenever on court and ideally bring them to the Club and change into them in the corridor.

Getting Involved!

Do you need any more reasons!?

If you are not a racquets member but would be interested in upgrading to racquets membership, please speak to the Reception team and they will be happy to help.  During November and December, we would like to offer a free squash welcome for any members who would like to try the sport. We can lend you a racquet, but please do wear non-marking shoes.  Please speak to the Reception team to arrange this.

Finally, and just in case we have not sold it to you yet we thought we would share our video of our squash courts and members in all their glory (filmed last year).