Wellness Week 9-15th September 2023

25 August 2023

Wellness Week is back! After the success of our first week last year we are thrilled to be running it again this September 9-15th. We have a busy week of activities and sessions to help support members’ health, fitness and wellbeing.  We hope there’s something for everyone in the details below:

Super Saturday – Try Something New!

Do you always do the same exercise classes?  Or have you never tried one of our classes?  Then our “Try Something New” afternoon is for you. Our Fitness Manager Katy and the instructor team will be running short twenty-minute taster classes so you can try something new and see how you like it!  The timetable for the afternoon on the 9th September can be found below.  You can read more about the classes and what they entail on our website – Class Descriptions – Club Towers

Katy will also be available across the afternoon to answer any questions you may have about our classes.

When – Saturday 9th September, 1 – 4pm

Where – Across all three studios: holistic, high impact/main, group cycle and the gym.

How – Book at Reception or by emailing [email protected] with the classes you would like to try.  You can try as many as you like (these won’t be included in your class allowance).

North Beds Osteopaths – Free Consultations              

Our partner, North Beds Osteopaths, is offering our members a free 15-minute consultation with their senior practitioner & founder, Jason Pinny.

Jason will sit down with you and discuss your condition and, if necessary, recommend appropriate action. Jason has been treating back, neck and joint pain for over 35 years and runs the biggest and most successful osteopathic clinic in the area. We are lucky to have him at the Club, so do take advantage of his expertise.  

When – Saturday 9th September, 9am – 12pm.

Where Foyer

How – Sarah from the NBO team will be at the Club between the times above and will be taking bookings for the free consultations which will take place on the afternoon of the 22nd September between 2 and 5pm.  To find out about a consultation, pop along to see Sarah in the Club during this time or email [email protected].

Nutrition Seminar Available to Members Online

We understand that coming to seminars in the Club at a set time isn’t always easy, so we have made a video of our popular Nutrition Seminar “Diets Don’t Work. There is a Better Way” so that all members will be able to access it online .  It can then be watched and digested at a convenient time.  The video will be available on our website from Sunday, 10th September. Look out for the link on our Facebook page or come back here!

The seminar covers:

  • Why “diets” don’t work and how to make sustainable changes that will work for you.
  • Understanding “habits” – what they do and how you can make them work for you.
  • How to make change happen and, more importantly, how to sustain it.
  • What simple things you can do straight away to move you in the direction you want to go.

The seminar is suitable for anyone who wants to:

  • Try to manage their weight in a way that is sustainable for the long term.
  • Understand why they might have struggled with diets in the past.
  • Develop a better relationship with food and eat more healthily.
  • Get some practical tips on how to make changes and develop good eating habits that will last.

If after watching the seminar you have any questions or there’s anything you like to discuss please do get in touch via [email protected]

When – From Sunday 10th September

Where –

Nutrition Services Q & A with coach Ann Towers

This is an opportunity to meet Ann and to find out more about the nutrition services on offer at the Club, including healthy eating programmes, nutrition consultations and our nutrition info hub. If you have any questions related to food and/or how to develop healthy habits that support your nutrition & wellbeing, please do come to the foyer at the above time as Coach Ann would love to help.  She will also be able to answer any questions you have about the upcoming course Master the Fundamentals of Healthy Eating in just 16 Weeks which starts on the 20th September.

Additionally, a free 20-minute nutrition consultation is included with your membership. You can book this with Ann on the day or if you can’t make the time above, please email [email protected] to arrange one.

When – Monday 11th September

Where – In the foyer, 9 – 11.30am.

How –  You can book your slot at Reception, via [email protected] or if you prefer, just turn up on the day. Coach Ann will be pleased to help.

Mobility Workshop with expert PT Mark Allen

Would you like to improve your mobility? Join PT expert Mark for practical workshop to help you unlock your own mobility. Whether this be to benefit any training you do or just for a better quality of life Mark will take you through a few exercises and stretches to help you function better.  Mark is highly experienced in this area, being a Qualified Level 3 PT and he also has a degree in Applied Sports Science.  A great opportunity to get some time with him in a small group environment.

When – Monday, 11th September, 2.30 – 3.30pm.

Where Holistic Studio

How – Book at Reception or by emailing [email protected]. Places will be booked on a first come, first served basis.  A place will be confirmed by an email response from us.

Running Q & A with expert PT Steve Horton

Are you an existing runner or someone wanting to start out? Our experienced runner and PT Steve will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. From where to start if you’re a new runner, to what the best fuel is before tackling a marathon, Steve has the knowledge to help!

This session will comprise a short talk by Steve and then there will be time for Q&As afterwards.

When – Tuesday, 12th September, 7 – 8pm.

Where Creche

How – Book at Reception or by emailing [email protected]. Places will be booked on a first come, first served basis.  A place will be confirmed by an email response from us.

Strength Training Workshop with expert PT Neeraj Chana

Strength training has so many benefits for all of us!  There are misconceptions about it but implemented properly into a fitness programme, it can be hugely beneficial.  Neeraj is running a practical workshop for those who have some experience of weight training but are looking to progress.  He will guide you with technique, options and progressions so that you can unlock the great benefits of Strength Training.

When – Wednesday 13th September, 2 – 3pm

Where Gym Floor, meet at the desk 

How – Book at Reception or by emailing [email protected]. Places will be booked on a first come, first served basis.  A place will be confirmed by an email response from us.

Menopause Support Group – Perimenopause Q&A with Guest GP

At this month’s Menopause Support Group meeting, we will be joined by GP and member Rebecca Pointer (Dr Rebecca Brady) and the topic will be the Perimenopause.  This can be a challenging time in a women’s life, with a multitude of different symptoms and the uncertainty that these bring. Rebecca will be here to facilitate a conversation around this topic as well as helping to dispel some myths and discuss some of the less well-known symptoms and ways to manage them.

Rebecca will be happy to answer any general questions you may have with regard to the perimenopause and menopause.  Where appropriate, she may provide general advice or recommendations on the next steps to take when consulting with your registered GP or other health professional, as well as lifestyle measures that may be beneficial.

When – Thursday 14th September 8 – 9pm

Where – Creche,

How – Please book on our app under classes or via [email protected] if you don’t wish to use one of your five class allowance.

Free 10-Minute Health Check (Heart health screening) with Soza Health

Our Charity Summer Ball sponsor Soza Health will be at the Club offering free health checks.  You can book an appointment to use the Medi-Core Max Pulse device. This three-minute test produces instant results which will be shared with you.  It is a real-time analysis of heart health and physical and mental stress levels.

When – Friday 15th September, 9am – 12pm

Where – Treatment Room 2

How – To book your appointment, please book here or email [email protected] letting them know you are looking to book for our Wellness Week.

Stress Eating Awareness & Management Forum

Our in-house nutrition coach Ann is also a certified wellness coach qualified on the subject of Sleep, Stress Management & Recovery.  This session will provide an opportunity to explore the concept of stress eating, its underlying causes, and effective strategies to become more mindful and manage stress in healthier ways. Ann will start with some questions to prompt discussion and to encourage sharing of experiences.

When – Friday, 15th September, 2 – 3pm

Where Creche

How – Book at Reception or by emailing [email protected]. Places will be booked on a first come, first served basis.  A place will be confirmed by an email response from us.