Top Tips to Keep Motivated Past January!

As we head into February, our good New Year resolutions sometimes start to wane, so we wanted to share some tips from our Personal Trainers about how to keep your motivation high right through the year.

Make it personal! – says Shanice. Remember WHY you started your fitness journey and what you are looking to achieve. Is it getting back into that favourite item of clothing that you look at in your wardrobe.., having higher energy and fitness levels, a desire to play and keep up with children or grandchildren.. wanting a beach body or taking control of your fitness to minimise health problems.

Whatever it is, keep reminding yourself of what and are trying to achieve and why and write it down. This could be a reminder on your phone or a post it note on your fridge.

Maija’s recommendation is to Review and set your goals! You might only be a few weeks or a few months into keeping fit. If you are struggling to get motivated, then it’s probably time to reassess those goals, revisit why you are doing what you are doing and look at how you set two or three timed, achievable goals that can become habits.

Maija also suggests that you Reward Yourself!  If you’ve made it to the gym and your classes as you’d hoped, make sure you acknowledge that achievement. Give yourself a high five!  You could also buy yourself something or go out for dinner as you hit each goal.  Having an additional incentive to hitting the goal can help!

Don’t underestimate the power of music! says Jan. Try creating different playlists for different workouts and moods.  You want to pick your favourite songs that make you want to push that bit harder and leave you feeling good.  Add in the endorphins from the movement and you will leave the Club feeling amazing.

Try something new! recommends Katy. It’s important to keep doing what you enjoy but its also vital to try something new occasionally. If you’ve consistently attended the same classes over the last few weeks/months, your body will love the challenge of trying something new! It’s good to shock the body from time to time!

Distract, distract, distract! suggests Jan. If you struggle to get through your workouts, book them at a time where something will be on that will distract you. All our Technogym cardio machines have Sky Sports and Netflix on them so you can watch a football or tennis match or the latest episode of your favourite soap whilst having a run or a cycle; it really does help the time pass.  This also helps set a time target – I’ll run for one episode for example, or try to run 5K by the time it completes.

Don’t forget your headphones!

Mark’s tip is to get in a “Punch the Clock Workout”! There may be days when we really don’t feel like doing exercise and everything feels like a hard slog. On those days, perhaps halve your workout time or pick the equipment that feels more comfortable rather than really pushing yourself.  Yes, it’s not what you normally achieve but you’ve still moved, you’ve still got your heart rate up and you will be glad you’ve done it, we call this a punch the clock workout.  A workout is still a workout!

It’s better with two! says Garry. Arrange to meet a friend or family member and you are much more likely to go and also more likely to enjoy your workout. This really helps with motivation and if you are competitive this can also work as an additional driver. If you are less competitive and more social, then maybe a drink in the Club Lounge afterwards would be a nice incentive! We do now offer couples personal training rates too, find out more at Reception or do ask one of the Gym team.

We hope you find these tips useful! Of course, one great solution to help you to stay on track, meet your goals and get fitter and healthier is to book a personal trainer!  Having regular sessions booked and having someone hold you to account really does help. And our intro pack with three 45 minute sessions for just £99 is a great way to do get started. You can find out more about our PTs including their contact details at

If you would like any advice on booking PT sessions or advice on our class timetable please email our Fitness Manager Katy on [email protected] .  You can also book a refresher gym induction with our Reception team in the Club.

Physical exercise is only one part of a healthy lifestyle equation and to have sustainable vitality we must also consider our diet and lifestyle habits which is why we are delighted to offer nutrition coaching and services here at the Club.  All members receive a free 20-minute nutrition consultation where you can ask any questions you may have about your eating habits. To book, please email [email protected].

Don’t forget if trying a new class is easier at home than in the studio all members get free access to Club Towers Live where we stream over 20 group exercises classes every week and also have a large library of catch-up classes.  If you don’t have your access code please email [email protected] to be sent one.

Finally, we will end with Garry’s words of wisdom..

The gym is for life, not just for January!  Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going. It’s going to be a journey not a sprint to get in shape, so keep at it!