The Five Class Booking Limit Explained

We get asked periodically why we have a five-class booking limit at the Club and whether it will remain in place. It is a policy that we believe works well for the benefit of all our members and we hope that a fuller explanation of the background and benefits will be useful and potentially help some of you get the most out of your bookings too!

Before the pandemic we operated an unlimited class booking system but experienced huge issues. Some members were booking 15, 20 or (in the odd extreme case!) even 30+ classes a week. They would attend some of these, but lots of others were being cancelled at the last minute. This led to classes getting booked up very fast, as soon as the booking window opened, which in turn created panic amongst other members who could no longer get onto classes at all. This snow-balled, creating a vicious circle, and leading to most classes being fully booked within minutes of being available. Obviously, this caused more and more frustration and resentment for our members. We tried to deal with the situation by putting on more and more classes to keep up with the demand, but it made little difference and there is a limit to the studio space available.

Since we adopted the “max 5 classes booked at any one time” policy, these problems have all gone away. Members are more relaxed about booking as there are normally spaces available in some classes on any given day. Obviously, the most popular classes (or popular class times) still get booked up quickly, but generally the system works much better for everyone. Our members no longer experience the problem of all the classes being artificially full as soon as the booking window opens.

It is important to note that you CAN still do more than 5 classes in a week, and this is how…….

The system limits you to 5 bookings at any one time but once the time of a particular class in your bookings has passed you will immediately be able to book another one. For example, if you have reached your limit of five bookings, but do three classes on a Monday you will immediately be able to book three more once you have completed these classes. These three new class bookings do not have to be for the following week but could, for example, be for the Tuesday, Weds or Thursday of the same week.

You can also book into additional classes on the day, if they have space, by speaking to Reception. So potentially you could do many more than five classes a week if you wish.

We hope the above information was useful and that you all continue to enjoy our fabulous classes and instructors as much as ever in the coming months!