Ten More Classes per Week Added to Group-Ex Timetable

29 August 2019
We launch our revised group exercise timetable on Monday 9th September, with some good news for members.
Yet more classes……
We have added 10 classes to our weekly timetable, which was already the biggest in Bedfordshire. We have lost one class, whilst moving another four to a different time slot. These changes will give you more opportunities to do the classes that you like or enable you to try a new class for the first time. The additional classes include two more Pilates, one Yoga, one Group Cycle, one more LBT class and the introduction of a Circuits session, plus the next two changes mentioned below.
Boxercise™ is now at the Club
After lots of member requests, we are introducing two Boxercise™ classes per week. Full details, including a description of what Boxercise™ is, and why it appeals to so many people, can be found on a separate blog here.
Introduction of Barre
After a successful pilot on the day of our Summer BBQ, we are also introducing two Barre classes per week; one on a
Thursday morning, and the other Thursday evening. Barre is a full body workout combining ballet inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. It involves classic dance moves, such as plies, paired with static stretches and high reps of small range movements. This creates isometric challenges where you contract specific muscles to really feel the burn! Benefits of Barre include a stronger core and lower body and it is great if you prefer a low impact class.
Class Bookings will Open Later at Weekends
The booking window will now open at 7am on Saturdays and 8am on Sundays (previously 6am) in line with our opening times at the Club.
Our full class timetable, with over 130 classes every week, can be found at
How do we do a Timetable Revision?
When we revise our Group-Ex timetable, we perform a complex juggling act! We are looking at feedback from our members, both verbal and written, plus attendance and waiting list information for our existing classes. This information helps us understand what our members are enjoying (or not!), and where we have insufficient spaces. We then have to factor in instructor availability and requirements. Our instructor team are fantastic and tend to prioritise working at Club Towers, but occasionally need changes to fit in with their personal lives and work commitments elsewhere. Finally, we have to look at studio availability. We try allow sufficient time for changeovers, keep noise leakage (from the music) to a minimum, and avoid multiple classes all starting or finishing at the same time. It is never an easy process and often takes considerable time and patience to sort out.
Members never like it when a class they attend regularly is removed from the timetable. But sadly this is inevitable on occasions in order to keep the timetable fresh, adjust to instructor availability or balance the timetable as described above. Apologies if you have lost a class that you liked, but we hope you can find others to attend!
Reminder of our Booking Rules
Please don’t forget our booking rules in a couple of areas:
  • Double bookings – you can only book one class of the same type on a given day. E.g. you can book a Yoga and a Grit on the same day, but not two Yoga or two Pilates classes.
  • Strikes: You will receive a strike if you book a class that you do not attend or cancel. Cancellations must be more than 12 hours before the class (in order to give time for others to attend), or you will still get a strike. If you book two consecutive classes but attend only the first one, you will get a strike for the second class you did not attend. If you receive three strikes in a 3-month window, you will receive a booking ban for a week.
  • Mass Bookings & Cancellations – We do monitor how many bookings and cancellations our members make. Please avoid booking multiple classes in the knowledge that you will cancel many of them and attend only a percentage. This unsociable practice effectively makes our classes seem fuller than they actually are, and prevents other members from booking classes in advance and planning their schedule.
We hope this all makes sense but please do ask if you have any questions.
Many thanks for your cooperation!