Swimming at Club Towers – all you need to know!

We are very proud of our lovely pool and do our best to provide a great environment for swimming and pool-based classes. We cater for a number of different user groups, so whether you want to do some lane swimming, Aqua aerobics, casual swimming or just chill out in the pool after a hard workout there is space and time for you.

We hardly ever close the pool completely for any particular activity but we do often get asked what the pool rules are during busy times or timetabled sessions so we thought it would be useful to lay this all out:

General Lane Etiquette

Although our two lanes are designated as ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’, it is not possible to be too prescriptive about swimming speeds. As a general rule of thumb, if you are in the slow lane and find yourself regularly overtaking your lane-mate(s), you should probably move to the fast lane. Similarly, if you are swimming in the fast lane and find that you are being regularly overtaken, you should consider moving into the slow lane. If you are wary of being splashed or swimming in close proximity to others, the general swim area will be better suited to your needs.

We do not prohibit members from swimming butterfly, or from walking in the lanes, but do ask that all members are considerate of others and ensure that they are in the area of the pool best suited to their speed and ability.

Swimming Lessons:

We run Junior Swimming Lessons after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and on Sunday mornings.

During these classes, the pool is divided in two, with half of the pool designated for the classes and half for casual or lane swimming. We just ask those trying to swim or use the pool for family time during swim lessons to be considerate and make the best use of the space available. There are plenty of times that the pool is quieter and so if you are looking to get some good lane swimming done these times might be best avoided.


During Aqua classes the pool is split 2/3 for the Aqua class and 1/3 for casual swimmers.  There is no dedicated lane swimming.  We also turn off the bubbles in the Spa to reduce the noise on poolside so that the class participants can hear our instructors.

Family Splash

We run lifeguarded Family Splash sessions on weekend afternoons and get all of our large floats and toys out for families to enjoy. We leave one lane available for lane swimming, and we ask that those not wishing to lane swim stay in the main part of the pool.

General Swim

During general swim sessions, we have half of the pool open for casual swimming, and a fast and slow lane. You will see that the signs for the fast and slow lanes have directional arrows which tell you in which direction you should swim; please observe these to minimise the risk of injury and collision! Children are welcome to swim in the lanes, provided they are lane swimming and are able to display appropriate lane etiquette.

Adult Swim

Term Times – During term time, our adult-only sessions (16 years old and over) run from opening until 9am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and from 8-10pm every weekday.  

Holiday Times – During the school holidays we add additional adult only swims from 11am to 1pm each weekday.

Holiday Crash Courses

We run crash courses in the summer holidays, in the open (non-lane) half of the pool. Two lanes will be available for casual swimming or lane swimming and we ask you to select the most appropriate lane.

Adult Swim lessons

Adult swim lessons take place in the open (non-lane) part of the pool, with two lanes left available for lane swimming or casual swimming.


You can find our timetable here.