Support your local Bedfordshire Hospital Trust

19 January 2018

When the Luton&Dunstable and Bedford Hospitals merge, the newly formed NHS organisation will be a Foundation Trust (FT). This means that it will have some independence from the Department of Health. One considerable advantage is that it can reinvest any surpluses directly back into patient care at the two hospital sites.

An FT is required to have a membership list that reflects the population which is served by the two hospitals. The L & D is already an FT with 16,000 members. Sufficient members from the Bedford Hospital catchment area now need to be rapidly recruited in order to represent the overall population fairly.

FT Members are entitled to have a say in how the hospitals are run, how healthcare is provided to patients and can voice their concerns or make suggestions about future plans. You can receive up-dates on developments, attend events and lectures or if you want to get more involved you can stand as a Governor. FT Members elect the Governors who then hold the Trust Board to account.

Several people have expressed concern that becoming a member will cost money and will require active involvement. There is no cost and you can do as little or as much as you wish. Members receive:

  • E-mail up-dates
  • Hospital news through a newsletter to be kept informed about any developments at the new Foundation Trust
  • Invites to express your views on a variety of matters by email or through attending meetings if you prefer
  • Invites to special events for members such as medical lectures
  • An opportunity to stand as a Governor or vote for a Governor.

Bedford Hospital is your Hospital and as a Member you can now influence how it evolves to meet the changing needs of our community. Please become a member and give Bedford Hospital strong representation.

For more information or to sign up visit and click on the orange ‘Proposed Merger’ box on the home page. Then under the heading “Becoming a Foundation Trust Member” click on “click here” at the end of the 4th paragraph.

Thank you for your support.