Squash is the Healthiest Sport!

Squash has been rated as the healthiest sport in a survey carried out by the widely respected and influential US business magazine Forbes.

The survey looked at a number of components such as Cardiorespiratory Endurance, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, Calories burnt per 30 minutes of exercise and Injury risk. After taking all these factors into account squash came out top of the list ahead of Rowing, Rock Climbing, Swimming, and Cross Country Skiing.

Towers Health and Racquets club will boast 4 traditional glass back squash courts and have a full programme of squash activities and coaching sessions running throughout the week. The full programme timetable will be available when the club open its door in 7 weeks’ time.

General Manager, Steve Davies said “We want to encourage more people to take up the sport in the Club and in Bedford as a whole. Surveys such as this really highlight what a great all round physical exercise squash is and hopefully, gives another incentive for people to get on court when we open in March!”

To view the results of the top 10 healthiest sports visit: