Squash is back…. but not quite as we know it!

17 July 2020

The good news is that the squash courts at Club Towers are open for play again. However, COVID-19 means that it will take a little time before we are able to return to normal match play.

The current guidance is that a normal game of squash cannot be played by players from different households (except those from a support bubble). I am sure we have all been on the wrong end of a heavy defeat where it has felt like we have been practicing some strange form of social distancing squash but now it is a reality!

At Club Towers we are taking a positive view of these restrictions though. Think of it as an opportunity for some pre-season training! It is often said that you should always get fit before you play squash rather than play squash to get fit and after 4 months away from the sport I am sure a few of us would do well to heed that advice.

So, what CAN we do on court from 25th July?

  • Play a match against someone from the same household or within your support bubble.
  • Solo practice.
  • Conditioned games that allow social distancing. For example, side v side or front v back.
  • Training drills that allow social distancing for example, feeding or drive and boast routines.
  • Coaching sessions are allowed, providing there are no more than 2 on a court (coach and player or two players).

What safety measures are in place?

  • Hand sanitiser and spray behind the courts. Please do use these to clean your hands and wipe down the door handles after use.
  • No sharing of equipment. The loan racquets in the corridor have been removed. Please bring your own racquet.
  • Once again, we ask that you come changed and leave changed if possible. We recommend bringing a spare shirt and tracksuit to change into but if you absolutely have to use the changing rooms, please stay socially distanced.  Either way, you are going to need that post match beer after 4 months off!
  • Our cleaning regime has been increased and there are set times built into the schedule for extra cleaning.
  • Please keep your kit, especially any sweat towel, in your bag and not lying on the benches.
  • Finally, please do not wipe your hand on the wall or glass whilst playing.

What Activities are being put on at the Club?

There are plenty of training routines and practices that will really help you hone your skills and get fit at the same time and to help you all with this we are putting on the following sessions:

  • Club Night – will now become bookable and will be run under the guidance of one of our coaching team. You will be set up in pairs and given advice and guidance on how to play side v side or front v back matches along with other socially distant drills and routines.
  • Individual coaching – our team of coaches will be available for individual coaching so please do get in direct contact with them once we are open. Details can be obtained at Reception.
  • Junior coaching – will resume for 4 weeks in August on Wednesday’s 5.45 – 6.30pm and Saturday mornings 9.30 – 10.15 and 10.15 – 11am as previously. Unfortunately, we are not able to run the mini squash on Saturday mornings so these sessions will be for 7+ intermediate players. Further details will be available once we are open and bookings can be made from the 25th July directly with Reception.
  • League squash – We are going to have a go at side to side and front v back league squash! We will run these in the same leagues you are currently in but, it is just for fun! As soon as normal squash is allowed the leagues will resume with players in the same box league they were in when we closed on March 20th.  The rules and regulations for the side v side and front v back leagues will be put up on the noticeboard in due course (once we have thought of them!).

We do not know how long this period of restricted play will last but hopefully, like us you are itching to get back on court and can make use of this downtime to get match fit and ready!

See you back on court soon.

The Squash Team