Sauna & Steam Room Reopening on 2nd November

23 October 2020

We are pleased to be able to reopen our sauna and steam room during this COVID period, but as ever, we are mindful of the need to do so safely. We have therefore designed a simple process to try to ensure that we continue to operate with everyone’s safety in mind. The process will work as follows:

  • Only one person will be permitted in each of the sauna and steam room at a time.
  • Members wishing to use the sauna and steam room will book a 15-minute slot on the day at Reception, when they arrive at the Club. Please enter the Club first and then speak to Reception from the Club side of the barrier. Note that you will not be able to book slots before the day of use, and Reception will not accept telephone bookings.
  • Before using either sauna or steam room, please clean/sanitise the part of the bench you plan to sit on. Cleaning materials will be provided outside the room.
  • After your session, please clean/sanitise the area around where you sat, and then sanitise your hands using the hand sanitiser provided.
  • Please take a towel in with you and sit on the towel.
  • In addition to our usual daily clean of the sauna/steam room, we will be introducing a second thorough clean of both in the middle of the day, which will mean closing each unit for around an hour.

Please could members also note:

  • You will not be able to book back-to-back sessions in sauna of steam room, although you can book a sauna session followed by a steam room session (or vice versa). Health guidelines state that it is not recommended to spend more than 10 minutes in either sauna or steam room. We have used 15 minute slots to allow 5 minutes for cleaning and changeover between members.
  • If your allotted time has arrived and another member is still in the sauna or steam room, please politely knock the door and ask them to leave.
  • A booked session in either sauna or steam room does not entitle a member to use either the hydropool or the swimming pool.  If you wish to use these then you must continue to book a swimming session booked on the App. This is very important as we need to continue to control numbers in the pools.