Racketlon – Saturday 4th September

6 August 2021

After the success of our first ever Racketlon in 2019, we are delighted to say it’s back on the agenda for 2021!

This is a free competitive tournament that combines playing squash, racketball tennis and table tennis takes place on the 4th September, 11am – 6pm.

What is Racketlon?

In a nutshell you play table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis. Each sport is played to 21 points and the player with the most points across all sports wins. This relatively simple description hides a wonderful sport filled with intricacy, mental pressure, tactics and a huge amount of fun. Ultimately in Racketlon, every point counts and that makes it an intriguing, exciting and fantastic sport to play. (Taken from UK Racketlon (https://www.racketlon.co.uk/).

The Club Towers Racketlon

The Club Towers Racketlon will not include badminton, but will include squash, tennis, racketball and table tennis. We also anticipate playing to 11 points for each sport, subject to entries.  The tournament is planned as

Group stages / 5 per group / games to 11 points / top 2 qualify for quarter finals.

Quarter finals

Semi Finals


Please do stay around afterwards watch the knockout stages and have a drink in the Club Lounge afterwards.

Who can play?

All adult racquets members who like to play competitively! It’s very common for players to come to a Racketlon tournament with experience in only one or two of the four sports. However, racquet sports players are able to pick up the basics of all the sports very quickly so don’t be put off if you have not played one of the disciplines before.

How will we score on the day?

Every point counts! For example, if you lose a tennis match 5-11, win squash 11 – 2, lose table tennis 7-11, and win racketball 11 – 7, then your total points will be 34. The top two from each group will move forward to the quarter finals.  Semi-finalists will be those with the highest cumulative points tally and so on. The player who scores the most points across all the sports is the winner!  Lets hope the final is as close as last years which went to a dramatic sudden death!

Book your place at Reception now.