Pre and Postnatal Personal Training Now Available at the Club

6 May 2022

We are delighted to say that Maija Bissett from our Gym Team has recently completed an Active IQ Level 3 Award in Supporting Pre- and Postnatal Clients with Exercise and Nutrition meaning that she can now meet the unique needs of women during these times.  The qualification covers the physiological and biomechanical changes associated with pregnancy and the key health and safety considerations for both pre- and postnatal clients taking part in physical activity.  Now qualified, Maija will be able to develop programmes allowing women to exercise safely at a pace and intensity that suits them. 

Historically, pregnancy used to mean rest and even bed rest but the recommendation is now very much to keep moving if possible!  It goes without saying that every woman and pregnancy is different but being pregnant for many does not mean you to need to stop exercising.  Equally there are many benefits to moving and exercising safely after having a baby, but it can feel daunting and Maija wishes to help women with this.

Already a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, she has wanted to do this course for some time, feeling passionately about the benefits of exercise, particularly when it comes to women.  As Maija explained: “I remember vividly how I was told a load of myths as truth by the PT at the gym I attended when I was expecting my now 18-year-old daughter. I know times have changed but there are so many benefits to exercise at any time including during and after pregnancy.” 

As Club members will know we value the importance of our diet and lifestyle habits as well as exercise – the two-work hand in hand, not in isolation.  This is absolutely the case when pregnant and supporting your body with the right nutrition is really important and is another area where Maija can offer support.

Katy Thomas Fitness Manager said “We want to congratulate Maija on adding another string to her already very full bow!  We are also really pleased to be able to offer this level of expertise and support to members at the Club.”

Personal training sessions with Maija start at £26 for 30 minutes. If you would like to book a free consultation with Maija, or discuss her availability for training sessions, please do get in touch with her at [email protected]