Photographs on our Club Management System

12 August 2022

Why does the Club need member photos on its Club Management system?

There are two main reasons:

  1. Sadly, we suffer regular attempts from people who are not members to access and use the Club free of charge. This impacts on all members and can also create a potential safety risks for members and staff alike. Having photos of all members on our system plays a big part in helping to prevent this fraud.
  2. It is very useful for staff to be able to put names to faces. It enables our staff team to gradually get to know our members and welcome / speak to you by name. This gradually helps to make the Club feel more friendly and welcoming for all.

How do I check if you have my photo and/or get my Photo on the System?

Easy – just stop by Reception. They will check and take one if necessary. It only takes a minute!

What sort of Photo is required?

A simple head and shoulders shot – front view. Similar to what is required for a passport photo – except you are allowed to smile! 😊

How can I Upload my own Photo?

Note you cannot use a phone or the App to do this – it has to be on a PC using the Client Portal, as follows:

Visit the Client Portal using this link:
Log in using your own email and password (same email and password as you used for the App)
Click “Account” (top right)
Click “Change Photo”
Either take a new photo or upload one following the instructions on screen (head and shoulders only).
Click “Set Photo”
Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the “Account” screen.

Why does the Club not have photos of everyone already?

Prior to April 2021, we had photos of all members on our system, and it is a condition of membership. When we changed our Club Management system in April 2021, we could not port these photos across and therefore we had to start from scratch again. We already have a large number of photos on the system but need to complete the task to get 100% coverage.

Who has Access to my Photo and what is it used for?

Your photo will be stored securely on our system and is only accessible to our staff team via our Club Management software. The photos are only used to identify that you are a Club member. They are not used for any other purpose.

I have already uploaded a photo via my App. Is this sufficient?

Photos uploaded via the App do not always seem to make it to our in-Club system. So even if you have uploaded a photos yourself, please do also check with Reception that we can see this on our system.

The deadline for getting your photo onto our system is 12th September 2022. After this date the barriers will stop you entering the Club until a photo is taken, so please do take the time over the next few weeks to check at Reception and get your photo taken if needed.

Thanks for your cooperation!