Our New Year Tips to Keep your Exercise Routine Fresh

Whether exercise is the biggest thing in your life, or just something you do to keep in trim, it is easy to fall into a routine that gradually becomes stale and less rewarding. As with anything in life, it is important to change your exercise regime from time to time to keep it fresh and ensure you stay energised and interested.

At Club Towers we are lucky to be part of a large Club where it is easy to introduce some variety. So here are our New Year tips on keeping your exercise regime fresh and interesting. Which one(s) will you do in 2019?

Change your Gym Routine & Track your Progress

Do you always use the same kit in the gym? Always run the same distance or lift the same weights? Why not renew your programme for the New Year? Our gym team is always available to help you design a new programme or modify an existing one to get more out of it. Download the MyWellness App and track your progress to give you an extra incentive. And don’t forget to get your Body Composition Analysis done so that your new programme truly reflects your goals.

During January 2019, you can track your progress via a weekly discussion with one of our PTs. During this 15-minute consultation, you will get a regular body composition analysis, so that you have a clear picture of progress against your goals and understand your targets for the coming week.

You can book your 15-minute consultation at Reception.

New(ish) to the Gym? Try Gym Start-Rite!

Gyms can seem slightly intimidating if you are not used to the environment, but strength and conditioning work is vital at any age, and particularly as we get older.

We are introducing a new programme in January called “Gym Start-rite”. These sessions aim to introduce members to the gym in a controlled, friendly and group environment. Taken by one of our PTs, the programme is free and aims, over a 4-week period, to introduce you to using the gym alongside other similar members. You will learn how to use the equipment safely and effectively under supervision, and walk away with a programme and a set of goals that you can continue to work towards.

These 45-minute sessions will start w/c 7th January at the following times:

Tuesdays:            11am and 5pm

Fridays:                11am and 6pm

To find out more and book yourself on, please speak to Reception.

Take up a Racquet Sport – Tennis, Squash or Racketball

The great thing about squash and tennis is that because of their competitive nature, it really does not feel like you are working out at all ! Both sports are a lot of fun and highly sociable; and playing with a partner gives a greater incentive to get off the couch and into the Club.

It is never too late to pick up a racquet! Tennis can be played right into old age, and squash gives a higher intensity work-out which fits well into many exercise regimes. Research has shown that playing tennis adds more years to your life than playing any other sport!

We have plenty of new initiatives for the New Year as outlined below.


We continue to successfully run a 4-week Start-Rite programme for tennis that is designed to introduce you to the sport, get you started hitting balls and learning the basics, and introduce you to fellow-learners. It is included in your membership for racquets members.

In February, the Start-Rite course is open to non-racquets members, at a small charge of £24 for the whole course, so why not try and pick up a racquet?  You can book at Reception.

We are also introducing a new Social Tennis session aimed specifically at the beginner/early improver level, so that you have an additional way to continue with your tennis at the end of the 4-week Start-Rite programme. This will take place on Friday mornings from 9.30 – 11am. The Social tennis session on late Sunday afternoons from 4-6pm will also be aimed at beginner/improver level from the New Year onwards.

Squash & Racketball

We are introducing a new 4-week Start-Rite programme for squash that is designed to introduce you to the sport, get you started hitting balls and learning the basics, and introduce you to fellow-learners.

The Start-rite is scheduled to begin Tuesday 8th January at 6.30pm and continues at the same time for the following three Tuesdays. It is included in your membership for racquets members. Non-racquets members are welcome, with a small charge of £20 for the whole course. You can book at Reception.

If you are interested, but cannot make this time, please do register your interest at Reception.

There are a number of other changes to our squash timetable for the New Year:

Ladies Squash: There will be a new ladies coaching course on Tuesday mornings at 11am. You can book onto 4-week “blocks” at Reception for £20. Obviously, ladies are welcome at all of our other squash sessions, but this one will be dedicated for them.

Racketball Night: Following the success of our squash club nights on Wednesdays, we will introduce a racketball club night on Thursdays 7.15pm – 8.45pm from 10th January. Racketball is great fun to play at any level, so why not give it a try?

Try a New Studio Class

Did you know that we run 110 classes every week, with about 20 different types, including three versions of GRIT, and a number of yoga variants? We often think we know which classes we like, but have you tried something different? Why not “up the tempo” a bit with Body Attack or Body Combat, or improve your flexibility and core strength with Pilates, Yoga or Body Balance? Our beginner spin classes in 2018 were a big success, with many members trying spin for the first time, and loving it!

Full descriptions of our classes can be found here or you can speak to our experienced Reception team about our classes.

Introduce Swimming to your Exercise Regime

Swimming gives a great overall body work-out, building strength and stamina in an environment which minimises stress on your body, and can be a useful addition to most exercise programmes.

If you are not yet a confident swimmer, why not consider lessons? We run adult group learner sessions in blocks of 4 weeks, with the next block starting in February. You can register your interest at Reception. Times as follows:

Beginners – Mondays 8-9pm

Improvers – Thursdays 8-9pm

Add a Social Element – Exercise and Relax!

Studies show that you are more likely to stick with an exercise programme if there is a social element to it. Could be relaxing with a friend over a coffee or a glass of wine, or chilling out in the spa with your partner. So, don’t simply dash in and out of the Club in the New Year! Make time to extend some of your visits and make the Club part of your social life too.

We hope this has given you some ideas to make your exercise even more varied and interesting in the New Year! As always, if you have questions, about any of the new programmes, our team will be delighted to help.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2019!

The Club Towers Team