New Super Off-Peak Membership Category

Why are we introducing this new category?

We are one of the few health clubs in the country that operates a cap on membership numbers. We did this for very good reasons, to ensure that the Club did not become too busy and spoil the enjoyment for our members. However, during 2022 the Club has been noticeably quiet later in the evening compared to previous years, a pattern that has been seen across the industry post-Covid. Many Clubs and Leisure Centres have used this as an opportunity to cut costs by reducing their opening hours and whilst this was never something in our thinking, we did feel this change in attendance patterns created an opportunity to offer a Super Off-Peak category at Club Towers.

For some of our existing members this may result in a direct benefit if you use the Club only at these times and wish to move to this category. For us it will mean an opportunity to grow our membership number slightly and enable some of those on our waiting list to join a bit earlier without impacting how busy we are at peak times.

The Details

The Super Off-Peak category will be limited to allow only fifty members to join initially and will give access to the Club at the following times:

Monday – Friday              8.00pm – 10.30pm

Saturday & Sunday          5.30pm – 8pm

Those on the Super Off-Peak category will have access to use the pool, gym, and spa primarily and any classes that fall within these times (note classes are very limited and subject to change). There will not be a racquets option.

Cost:      £50 couple rate per person.

               £55 single rate

What if you want to change category?

In keeping with our “members first” ethos we are offering our members the chance to change to this category first before publicising it to non-members. If you did want to move to this category for January 1st, please email [email protected] to request the change. We will be opening the category up to those on the waiting list from next week so please do be quick if you want to move to a Super Off-Peak membership.