New Guest Rules – What you Need to Know

24 March 2023

As a members only Club, we are always very keen to protect the interests of our members first and foremost.  We know sometimes it is nice to bring a guest in occasionally for some lunch or a coffee, especially if it is a close friend or family member that you want to show around the Club and spend time with. Since opening in 2017 we have allowed these types of visits on the odd occasion if members have asked us.

However, we are now busier as a Club and have of course capped our membership (including social memberships) to ensure that the environment remains pleasant for our members. The pandemic has resulted in many more members working from home full-time or part-time, and this has led to an increased number of non-member guests being brought into the Club for meetings or just for coffee/lunch. The Club Lounge can become very crowded at times, with members unable to find a seat or sit together, and with that in mind we feel now is the time to change our policy on non-member guests.  

From 1st April if you wish to bring a non-member guest into the Club there will be a £5 guest fee to pay at Reception for anyone aged 3 and over. We anticipate this will limit the number of requests, but it will also help us keep track of who has been in the Club and how often members are asking to bring in a non-member guest. Please note that we are still asking that you only bring a guest in on an occasional basis and regular use will still require that person to join the waiting list to become a social member. All money taken will go to member chosen charities.

As always, we will keep this revised policy under review to assess its impact and welcome feedback from members.

Bringing Guests in to use the Club Facilities

Our policy here has not changed. You can still pay for a day pass for a guest to use the whole Club or a squash or tennis guest fee to bring someone in to play squash/tennis only. You may only bring the same person in to play tennis or squash up to 4 times per year.

As from the 1st April our guest pass fees will increase as follows:

Day pass:             £30 Adult / £15 for U16’s / £3 for U3s

Tennis pass:        £12

Squash pass:      £10

Finally, don’t forget if you add premium membership to your account you will automatically receive one “day pass” per month along with the other benefits. You can read more about our Premium membership option here.