New Adult Only Holiday Swim Times for 2022

Since we opened in 2017, we have regularly updated and adapted all of our timetables across the Club to keep up with increased demand or in some instances to keep things fresh for our members.

One of the areas where we receive a large amount of feedback is the pool timetable during the school holiday periods. Our pool has a variety of users with different needs, and we always take the view that we want to (and can) accommodate all groups, whether you want to do some lane swimming, causal swimming with the family or just relax and unwind! In general, we feel this balance is achieved but during the school holiday periods this has become more challenging in recent times.

In previous years we have run some additional adult-only swim times during the day in the long summer holidays. These were only for short periods of the day as we know how important those holiday times are for families needing to get the kids out and burn some energy off!

When we run the adult-only times in the pool, we must factor in any timetabled swim lessons and aqua classes and therefore we previously ended up with different times on different days – making planning more difficult for members. On occasion this has created confusion and the last thing we want is any families turning up to swim to find out they cannot and having disappointed little ones on their hands!

For that reason, we have now standardised our school holiday adult-only swim times. The holiday daytime slots will happen between 11am – 1pm Monday – Friday in all state school holiday periods apart from the Christmas vacation.

Please note therefore, there will be an adult-only swim time from 11am -1pm each day this half term week from 14-18th February, with the exception of the 17th when we are closed for maintenance day.

Note that the early morning and evening adult-only slots will remain on the timetable all year round. Please also remember we run our holiday times in line with the state schools rather than the private schools. The pool timetable can be found here.

Whether you are spending some time in the pool with your kids or planning to lane swim this half term we hope you enjoy your swim!