National Fitness Day 2021 at Club Towers

15 September 2021

To celebrate National Fitness Day and to help promote exercise for a healthier lifestyle, we are encouraging members to join us in the gym, with our 7 days of challenges!

Assistant Fitness Manager Jan has set the following:

16/9 Hang Challenge
(How long can you hang off the omnia for)

17/9 Rower Challenge
(How many calories can you burn in 30 seconds)

18/9 Press Up Challenge
(How many Press ups can you complete in 30 seconds)

19/9 3k Treadmill Challenge
(How fast can you run 3k)

20/9 Plank Challenge
(How long can you hold a plank for)

21/9 Stairmaster Challenge
(How many floors can you complete)

22/9 Wall Sit Challenge
(How long can you hold a wall sit for)

For every challenge you enter you will be entered into our prize draw.* We have three prizes to give away:

1st Prize – Fitness & wellbeing hamper
2nd Prize – Club Lounge Voucher
3rd Prize – Protein bar bundle

Look out for the challenges on the gym floor, or please do ask any of the PT Team for how to get involved.

How many can you do? Do share with us any pictures of you doing the challenges, tag us and include the National Fitness Day hashtags of #NFD2021 and #Fitness2me.

For those who prefer group exercise, we will be running a Facebook Live class, Katy will be doing GRIT Cardio, a 30 minute class available to everyone from 12.30-1pm on the 22nd September. We will also be releasing two yoga classes on the day over on, the first, a morning practice, 20 minutes to help you start the day in the best possible way. Then the second a wind down/bedtime yoga, a 30 minute practice to end your day in a calm and mindful way aiding you into a restful nights sleep.

*Maximum of 7 entries and you must do the relevant challenge on the relevant day for your entry to count, i.e. complete the treadmill challenge on the 19th September. We will draw the three winners at random after the 22nd September.