Mini-Squash up and running at Club Towers

16 February 2018

“What age should I start my child playing squash?” It is a question that has been heard several times since the club opened. It is also a very subjective question and of course very dependent on the child. However, squash has come a long way in recent years in terms of making the game viable for very young children. Long gone are the days of putting a child on a court with a cold double yellow dot ball and expecting them to hit it or get any enjoyment from trying!

There is now an array of available balls that are softer, bouncier and easier to hit and of course shorter racquets available for the little ones. The coaching team at Club Towers share the same ethos and sessions will focus on the kids having fun and developing some of the basic skills of balance, agility, coordination and generally just getting used to being on a squash court.

The new mini squash sessions are for 4-8 year old’s and take place on a Saturday morning at 10:15. If you think your child would like to give it a try you can book a place online or at reception.