Marathon Challenge! Join us in getting moving!

21 September 2020

We felt it was time for a fitness challenge as we head into Autumn and as the London Virtual Marathon is coming up, we thought that would be a good thing to challenge ourselves with! 

26.2 miles over 2 weeks – 28th September – 11th October.

We are challenging members to get moving and run or walk 26.2 miles/42.2km over 2 weeks with us, 28th September – 11th October (London Marathon sandwiched in the middle, 4th October).  This can be a little every day or in a handful of longer sessions, whatever you feel will challenge you.

There’s just a few simple steps to get involved:

  • Download My Wellness app (this is where your progress will be tracked).
  • Email PT Jan Kawka, [email protected] to join the challenge.
  • When you come in to run or walk, make sure you scan into the treadmill, so it tracks your miles
  • Get moving and feel awesome!

Please book the gym sessions you need in the normal way using the Club Towers app and do feel free to book back to back sessions.  Only miles accumulated in the Club will count towards your total. 

We will be able to track progress and will keep members updated through boards in the Club and on Facebook. And for the competitive members amongst us, we will be announcing the fastest times!

To give you an idea of what this might look like:

26. 2miles/42.2km – over 7 days – 3.7 miles/6km a day

26.2 miles/42.2km – over 10 days – 2.6 miles/4km a day  –

26.2 miles/42.2km  – over 14 days – 1.9 miles/3km a day

Please note that our treadmills will track in km rather than miles.

Do this your way though, it only needs to be a competition if you want it to!  If you currently do very little or nothing, then just getting started and coming into the Club every day during the two weeks can be the challenge for you.  Start with walking and build up the pace that feels right for you.  The important thing is to get the heart going!

Our PT’s will be on hand to support and cheer you on throughout the challenge.  If you would like some help downloading My Wellness or on the best way to use the treadmills, please do ask any of the team in the gym when you’re next in, ideally at the beginning of your session.

Virtual Marathon – Sunday 4th October

If you are one of the people who had a place for the London Marathon, and are looking to do it virtually, you are very welcome to do it here in the Club on Sunday 4th October.  If this is something you would like to do, please email Jan at [email protected] with your estimated run time and we can get you booked in.

Equally even if you didn’t have a place but would like to run the full marathon with us in one go on Marathon day, please do email Jan to book a treadmill.