“Let’s Move for a Better World” Technogym Challenge

1 March 2019

By using our connected Technogym equipment during the “Let’s Move for a Better World” campaign (11-30th March), you can measure your training efforts and collect your MOVEs on the My Wellness App, Technogym’s cloud-based digital platform. You may be wondering what a move is? A “MOVE” is a unit of measurement developed by Technogym and recorded in the My Wellness cloud. The more MOVEs we can collect the more prizes we can win for our member chosen charities. For example, a 30-minute bike ride can generate between 300-700 MOVEs. MOVEs can be collected and recorded in My Wellness at any of the cardio machines and at our group cycle classes.

During the campaign we will be giving away daily prizes to those who are logged onto My Wellness when in the Club and for the member who collects the most MOVE’s they will win a month’s free membership. . We will be publishing regular updates on who has got the most MOVEs around the Club and on our Facebook page throughout the challenge. Please note that during the challenge, MOVEs are capped at 2000 per day per person. You can join in the challenge at any point between the 11th and 30th all the MOVEs count! Many of our staff are taking part in the Challenge so do look out for them in the gym and perhaps on the leader board!

If we can get to 1 million MOVEs we will win prizes for our member chosen charities, Bedford Open Door and Bedford’s Hospital Charity.  Further prizes will be awarded if we can reach 5 or 10 million MOVEs.  So we need as many members as possible to join us, every MOVE counts, whether you will be in the gym every day or only once during the campaign period.

It’s easy to get involved:

  • Download the Technogym My Wellness App from the apps store.
  • Create a My Wellness account to store all the MOVEs you collect either through the app or on the equipment.
  • When you come into the Club log onto My Wellness on any of the cardio Technogym equipment.
  • Select the ‘Let’s Move for a Better World’ Challenge and join.
  • Start your workout and get as many MOVEs as you can!

Once the challenge is running we are keen to hear how you are doing so please do share your activity on social media including us and using the hashtag #letsmoveforabetterworld

As mentioned above if you have any questions about the challenge, or about My Wellness, please don’t hesitate to ask any of the Gym or Reception team.