Keeping the Gym Running Smoothly for All Members

A Guide to Good Etiquette when using the Gym

We are lucky to have a light, spacious and well-equipped gym to enjoy at the Club. To get the maximum enjoyment when using the gym, it really helps if all members can follow some very simple guidelines on good gym etiquette. We have mentioned some of these a few times in various communications but never brought them all together in one place. Please have a read, try to follow the guidance at all times and do let the gym team know if you are getting frustrated with other members!

Upon Arrival

Bags/Belongings – please do not bring bags of any size into the gym. These should be stored in the lockers in the changing rooms to avoid cluttering the gym and creating trip hazards. Likewise any coats or outwear should also be stored in a locker. For any smaller valuables such as wallets or phone please use the small lockers by the stretch area matting.

Footwear – appropriate (and clean!) training shoes, such as trainers, should always be worn in the gym. This is for your own safety and to help you have a safe and effective workout. You may be asked to change your footwear if you do not adhere to this. Bare feet, flip flops, Crocs, etc. are absolutely not permitted.

Water Bottles – please ensure you keep your water bottle with you during your workout and please remember to take this with you when you leave the gym. We collect an endless number of water bottles each week and can only store them for a few days before we recycle them via charity shops. If you have lost a water bottle please ask at Reception as it may have been handed in.

During your Workout

Use of Equipment – please be courteous to other members and do not hog several machines or pieces of equipment. Likewise consider others using the same area of the gym as you to ensure you do not put items in their way.

Waiting for Equipment – if a machine or item you wish to use is in use you may want to consider an alternative and our PTs are always on hand to help with this. Likewise you could also politely ask the member using the kit you want, how many sets of work they have left.

Resting between Sets – this is an important part of the training process; however, it can be very frustrating to others waiting to use the kit or piece of equipment you are using if the rest period is extended unnecessarily. Please therefore be mindful of this and stick to the appropriate rest time in relation to the workout you are doing. You will also find this makes your workout much more effective!

General Use of Mobile Phones – Please do not answer phone-calls in the gym. If you need to answer an urgent call please vacate the gym and find a suitable quiet spot elsewhere. Equally whilst you may be using your phone to log your workout we ask that you keep this to a minimum, and do not sit on equipment between sets sending messages or searching the web. “Rest” periods can become a lot longer if you are engrossed in your phone between sets, which causes frustration to other members.

Camera Use of Mobile Phones – taking photos or videos in the gym without prior permission is strictly forbidden in line with our Clubs Rules.

Cleaning Equipment – please be courteous to other members by wiping down any kit after you have used it. Cleaning materials are provided for this. Please do not spray the kit directly as it can get inside the working parts and cause breakdowns – instead spray onto the blue roll and then wipe the kit.

Putting Kit Away – if you used a piece of kit, please put it back where it belongs! There is a ‘home’ for everything in the gym so if you unsure where something goes please ask the PT on shift at the time and they can advise.

Training with a PT – having a Personal Training session with a PT who is not employed at the Club is strictly forbidden. Only Club Towers employees are able to carry out 1-2-1 sessions with members. This also includes virtual sessions with an outside PT (e.g. via Video call) or bringing a PT in on a guest pass.

Juniors in the Gym – 12-15 year olds may use the Gym under the direct supervision of an adult (over 18) during the designated times only. These are weekdays at any time apart from 17.15 to 20.15 and weekends at any time after 12.15. Juniors may use any equipment apart from the free weights or our plate-loaded kit and must do a gym induction (with the supervising adult) before using the gym for the first time. The Junior must follow the Gym Etiquette rules and be accompanied and monitored by the supervising adult during any training sessions.

Support from Club Towers PTs

Our Personal Trainers are here to help you! For those new or returning to the Gym, an Induction with one of the team is a great way to get started. For a more tailored approach or specific training goal, you might like to consider booking some 1-2-1 sessions with them. We have a range of packages available with our knowledgeable and expert PTs.

We hope you have found this quick run-through of the main points of gym etiquette useful! If everyone can adhere to these it will make the gym an even happier and nicer place to exercise!

With thanks,
The Gym Team