Is Aromatherapy Massage more than just a pampering treatment?

Most of us know that an aromatherapy massage makes you feel more relaxed, but did you know that there is scientific proof that it’s actually good for you too?

Massage is often associated with alternative or complementary medicine and can work effectively to release muscle tension, stress and pain. The areas of the brain responsible for emotion, memory and scent are closely related. By using the right aromatherapy oils in a massage, mental stress and tension may also be reduced, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the physical massage. It can help with a variety of issues including anxiety, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches and myofascial (muscle) pain.

In a study published earlier this year, documented in The Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials and referenced by NICE*, “Career Women” who were given a 4 week aromatherapy massage treatment using a blend of essential oils showed “significant improvements in sleep quality and quality of life.

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* NICE = National Institute of Health and Care Excellence