Injury Prevention Course


Breathing is the essence of life. You can go days without food, water, and sleep, but you can survive for only minutes without oxygen. You take 22,000 breaths per day. You read that right 22,000 breaths per day.

That’s 22,000 bad reps, if you’re doing it wrong, and there are not many people who are doing it right. Imagine what your hips, knees, and spine would feel like if you did 22,000 bad squats per day? Just look at the fascial connections between the diaphragm and the rest of your muscle.


Rolling can provide great benefits both before and after a workout; however, rolling at the start of a workout is essential. Foam rolling before a workout decreases muscle density and sets the stage for a better warm-up. Rolling after a workout may aid in recovery from strenuous exercise. The nice thing about the foam roller is that it can be used on a daily basis.


The body can be seen as “just a stack of joints” with each having a main function that alternates between the need for mobility and stability, starting from the bottom-up. Explaining that if a deemed ‘mobile’ joint lacks the necessary mobility, the ‘stable’ joint above or below will have to compensate for this deficit, which could result in pain and/or injury.

Mobility refers to the ability of a joint in the body to move through its full and expected range of motion without interference, not to be confused with flexibility (stretch tolerance of a muscle). On the other hand, stability refers to the ability of a joint segment to adequately allow controlled movement or willingly limit it at a specific body part.


Core exercises help improve your balance and stability, they train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. This leads to better balance and stability, whether on the playing field or in daily activities.

Warming Up

Performing a proper warm-up will facilitate an optimal environment for training by raising body temperature, improving joint mobility, and heightening central nervous system activity. Overall, developing a consistent, progressive, and well-rounded warm-up routine will improve the quality of your workout in the short term and bolster your body’s durability over the long haul.

Example Plan:

Monday -Day 1
Tuesday – Day 2
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Day 3
Friday – Day 4
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Rest or choose Day

The sets, reps and times are just targets. Work at a level where you feel challenged, but not overwhelmed. 

Day 1 Breathing Mobility

Videos can be accessed here.

Exercise Sets Reps Note
Breathing12 mins2sec inhale
2sec exhale
Foam Roll Circuit110 - 20 rolls
Hip Mobility110
Upper Back110
Dead Bug210 L/RLight squeeze on roller
Bear Plank22-6 L/RControl hips

Day 2 Breathing Mobility Strength 

Videos can be accessed here.

Exercise Sets Reps Note
Breathing forearms110-20 forearm rollExpand through back
Foam roll lower110 - 20 rolls
Ankle mobility110
Knee stability110
Superman2-35 L/RTuck Hips
Floating Heel Lunge2-310Heel high

Day 3 Breathing Mobility Core

Videos can be accessed here.

Exercise Sets Reps Note
Breathing Side Lay13-5 reachesKnee/chest/shoulder
Foam Roll Upper110 - 20 rolls
Shoulder Mobility110
Neck Mobility110
Bridge Reach2-310 L/RRotate tips not hips
Crab Hold2-310Pull ground with heel

Day 4 Breathing Strength

Videos can be accessed here.

Exercise Sets Reps Note
Breathing Side Lay13-5 reachesKnee/chest/shoulder
Foam Roll Circuit110 - 20 rolls
Warm Up15-10Don't Rush
Push up to Rock110
Half Kneeling Row2-310