Freezing your Membership at Club Towers

Discretionary Freezes

At Club Towers we allow our members to freeze their membership on a discretionary basis once a year. This might be because of a long period away at a second home, or because of a temporary loss of income, or any other reason. The details are as follows:

Length of Freeze – Either 2, 3 or 4 months in total. Just once per calendar year. The freeze must commence on the first of the month.

Notice Period – we need at least one month’s notice to ensure direct debits are correctly adjusted. So, if you want your freeze to start on 1st July, please let us know by 1st June.

Cost – Whilst on freeze, you will be charged £12/month, to include access to our on-line classes through Club Towers Live. You can continue your classes whilst away!

Early Return? – It will be possible to return to full membership early if you wish. So, if your freeze was due to end at the end of September, but you want to come back earlier (say mid-September), please email us to arrange the details. This is subject to the minimum two-month period (i.e. you cannot return after 1.5 months).  

Medical Freezes

If you suffer an injury or illness which prevents you from using the Club, then you can apply for a medical freeze. The minimum period of a medical freeze is one month. It can start and end on any day of the month, and you will pay nothing whilst you are incapacitated. We will ask you to provide suitable evidence of your illness or injury and this will be treated in confidence. If you need to speak to a member of the team confidentially, please do ask. 

Student Freezes

Students who are either in Bedford for term time only, or for their vacations only, can freeze their memberships more than once a year. The minimum period of a freeze is 1 month; the maximum period is 6 months, and the membership must be reactivated for at least a month between periods it is frozen. Again, freezes need to commence on the 1st of the month, and you need to give us at least a month’s notice. Once you have your dates for the new student year, we ask you to please communicate your requirements for the whole 12-month period if possible.