Free Nutrition Seminars in Wellness Week 5-10th September

31 August 2022

As part of Club Towers Wellness Week (5 – 10th September) we are offering three free nutrition seminars and a Nutrition Q & A.

All are open to all members (peak and off peak), the seminars can be booked on our app under group classes or if you prefer you can book directly with coach Ann via [email protected]. The Q & A is a drop in but can also be booked with Ann on the same email address.

The available sessions are:

Nutrition Seminar – Diets Don’t Work!  There is a Better Way! with Coach Ann Towers

When – Monday 5th September 7 – 7.45pm

Where – Creche

How – Book on the App under “classes”

Why don’t diets work? Diets work against human nature and behaviour – our habits! They can often make us miserable and whilst they can result in a quick, short-term weight loss, as soon as “normal” behaviour and habits resume the weight comes straight back on. 

This seminar looks at how habits are formed and their principles. We then begin to look at how to implement a change process that our mind and body are comfortable with.  Starting with just small five-minute actions that will lead to life changing habits.

Nutrition Seminar – What Should I Eat & How Much Should I Eat with Coach Ann Towers

When – Tuesday 6th September 7 – 7.45pm

Where – Creche

How – Book on the App under “classes”

These are the most asked questions when people come to our nutrition consultations. The answers can be surprisingly ……. simple!!

This seminar will help those who wish to eat well and make healthy choices but often stand in the kitchen wondering what to eat!  This isn’t about “good” food or “bad” food, nor feeling deprived or going without. The approach is to think of foods in a spectrum, from “eat more” to “eat some” to “eat less”.  This seminar will show examples of food in each category and will help you to make better choices whilst still enjoying the food you love to eat.   

We will also be looking at “portion control” – how much to eat. Most people think controlling portions means counting calories, but at Nutrition@ClubTowers, we use our hand as the guide for portion sizes – our hands are portable and in proportion to our own size.   This concept will be discussed further at the seminar.

Nutrition Seminar – Making Healthy Eating Easier  – A Kitchen Makeover with Coach Ann Towers

When – Thursday 8th September  7 – 7.45pm

Where – Creche

How – Book on the App under “classes”

We aren’t talking major building work – don’t worry!  We are talking about surrounding yourself with the good stuff!  The seminar will take you through how to make small changes to ensure your kitchen offers the best environment for you and your family.  This includes how to make informed food choices, not least how to read (sometimes very confusing!) food labels. 

Nutrition Q & A with Coach Ann Towers

When – Saturday 10th September 9.30-11.30pm

Where – In the Foyer

How – You can book your slot at Reception or if you prefer, just turn up on the day. Coach Ann will be pleased to help.

This is an opportunity to meet Ann and to find out more about the nutrition services on offer at the Club, including healthy eating programmes, nutrition consultations and our nutrition info hub. If you have any questions related to food and/or how to develop healthy habits that support your nutrition & wellbeing, please do come to the foyer at the above time as Coach Ann would love to help.

All members are entitled to a free 20-minute nutrition consultation. You can book this with Ann on the day or if you can’t make the time above, please email [email protected] to arrange one