First Purpose Built Indoor Tennis Courts in North Bedfordshire

24 July 2016

The indoor tennis hall at the new Towers Health & Racquets facility has started to take shape, with the initial steel erected (see photo). These will be the first purpose built indoor tennis courts in North Bedfordshire, and the first three-court indoor tennis hall in the whole of the County (there is a two-court hall at Venue 360 in Luton).

Build progress has been good during July, with the weather set fine for most of the month. In fact it was too hot on some days for the concrete spraying of the swimming pool! Nevertheless, this spraying is now nearly complete as shown in the photo below.

We anticipate the steel structure will be completed within the next two weeks, and once all of the alignments have been checked, enclosure of the structure will begin.

Last week also saw the drainage start to be laid across the playing fields on the opposite side of Clapham Road. Our sincere thanks go to Rushmoor School for their tremendous cooperation in planning this works across their sports fields. Their supportive attitude was very much appreciated.