Tennis Winter Doubles League – Starts 15th January

24 November 2022

We are enrolling players into our Winter Doubles League now, running on six Sunday mornings between 15th January and 26th March in the bubble/dome.

Dates and Times

15th January

29th January

12th February

26th February

12th March

26th March

There will be two morning sessions on each day, with half of the players playing between 9am and 11am and the other half playing between 11am and 1pm.

A maximum of 32 players will be graded and placed in to 8 divisions. Each division will have 4 players, who will play in pairs and rotate each week.

Ladies and Men all mix in

Game scores FOR EACH PLAYER will be counted and a running total kept each session, recorded

in a database until the end of the competition.

A league table will be published and displayed each week, recording cumulative games totals for each player.

At the end of the competition (on 26th March) the champion will be announced  – this will be the player who has accumulated the highest points total throughout the whole tournament.

Each division of 4 players will play 9 games per set, taking it in turns to partner each player in their division. No tie breaks at 4-4, just one final game.

There will be a promotions and demotions each week, so players could progress up or down through the divisions.    

Division 1 has two players demoted each fortnight into Divisions 2a and 2b. Conversely there will be two promotions into division 1 – one from Division 2a and one from Division 2b.

There will also be promotion / relegation in all other divisions, as in this example shown below …..

Some players may not be able to attend on all six Sundays, but if you enter the competition you are responsible for finding and sending a reserve to any sessions you cannot attend. Reserves will score and earn points in their own name, not for the player they are covering for.

Entry is £5 per player. Please sign up and pay at Reception by the 12th January.

For more information on how this event works please do contact Steve Adams, on [email protected] and he will be happy to help.