Exercising safely in COVID-19 times

14 May 2021

Dear Members,

We have now been operating under COVID restrictions for more than 12 months, and most of our members are familiar with the processes and procedures we have put in place to help you exercise safely during these COVID times. The latest phase of reopening starts on 17th May, and this blog summarises some of the key points that you should be aware of when using the Club from this date.

Please also continue to refer to the signage in the various areas of the Club for more details.

General Guidelines when Visiting the Club:

  • We continue to use the main entrance to enter the Club and ask you to exit through the Club Lounge doors. Please bring your phone so you can scan in with the QR code on the new App.
  • Please maintain social distancing whilst in the Club.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided at the entrance/exit doors – please use this before you enter and when you leave.
  • We kindly ask you to continue to wear a mask as you move around the Club.
  • Please follow the floor signs when moving around the Club. When using the stairs please stay on the left.
  • Note that we are not taking cash payments, so please bring your card/phone.

The key points to note in each area are:


  • Classes are running both indoors (with numbers restricted) and outdoors.
  • These must be pre-booked using the new App or Client Portal.
  • Please don’t arrive too early and enter the studio immediately (provided the previous class has exited).
  • Please wipe down any equipment before and after use.
  • We continue to offer our streaming service if you prefer to exercise at home or want to supplement your in-studio exercise.


  • Please pre-book your gym session via the App or Client Portal. You can book up to 9 sessions per week.
  • Booking slots start at quarter past the hour from 6.15am and run for 45 minutes (e.g. 8.15am to 9am, or 7.15pm to 8pm). This gives 15 mins of “changeover time” to allow members to clean the kit they have been using and exit the gym, and enable our staff to do some additional cleaning before the next group enters.
  • Some gym kit has been taken out of use, to allow adequate spacing between stations.
  • Please wipe down your kit, before and after use. Our team will also be doing extra cleaning in the gym to ensure that kit remains as clean as possible.

Please do be courteous when using the gym and do not “hog a station” for too long. If others are waiting for the free weights area, or a treadmill, we are asking you limit your time to 15 minutes. Please move regularly onto different pieces of kit. 


  • All tennis courts are now open.
  • Rule of 6 applies to all sessions (except in an organised group activity).
  • Please stay socially distanced at all times – before, during and after play.
  • Please bring your own balls and racquets as we are unable to lend at the moment. Balls are available to buy at Reception.
  • Spectating is now permitted.


  • Squash courts are now open.
  • Maximum of 4 players per court (except coaching sessions).
  • No social / Club Night sessions where players mix between courts.  
  • Please sanitise your hands before and after play.
  • Please stay socially distanced as much as possible – before, during and after play.
  • Please do not wipe sweaty hands on the wall or glass backs.
  • Please put your sweat towel and other equipment, straight back into your bag after you use them and don’t leave them lying on the benches.
  • Please bring your own balls and racquets as we are unable to lend at the moment. Balls are available to buy at Reception.

Swimming & Hydropool

  • Please continue to book your session through the new App or Client Portal. You will be able to book up to 4 sessions per week (Monday to Sunday). If you don’t have a booked slot you will not be able to use the pool/spa.  
  • Parents wishing to swim with a young child will need to book two sessions – one for the parent and one for the child. The new App will allow you to book a session for both yourself and your child.
  • Total numbers in the pool and hydropool will be limited to 20 per hour, including a maximum of 4 in the hydropool (two in seats and two in beds) at any one time.
  • Sunbeds will be in use (suitably distanced) both inside and outside. Please give your bed a clean before and after use, using the sanitiser spray provided, and use a towel to lie on.
  • Please bring a clean towel and hang it on the pegs provided in the pool/spa area so that you are in the locker rooms for the minimum time possible.  

Please be courteous when using the pool and spa. In particular, please do not stay in the hydropool for more than 10-15 minutes to allow everyone a fair chance to use it.

Sauna & Steam Room

  • These are reopening on 17th May.
  • Please book your session at Reception in the Club on the day. There is no pre-booking option.
  • Capacities are limited to 2 in the sauna and 2 in the steam room.
  • Please do not use the swimming or hydropool unless you have a pool session booked.
  • Please use a towel to sit on and wipe down the benches before and after use.

Soft Play

  • We plan to reopen soft play on Friday 21st May.
  • Numbers are limited to a maximum of 4 children at any time.
  • There is no need to book, but if the soft play already has 4 using it, please let the other parents know you are waiting and wait your turn.
  • Please get your child to sanitise his/her hands before and after using the soft play.

Please be courteous and limit your child’s time in the soft play area to 15 minutes if others are waiting.


  • The creche is open Mondays 9am to 1pm and Saturdays 8.30-12.30pm.
  • Sessions must be booked in advance – either single sessions or block bookings for the half-term.
  • We continue to operate at a slightly reduced capacity. 

Club Lounge

The Lounge is now fully open both indoors and outdoors. The Rule of 6 applies indoors, with groups of no more than 30 outdoors. The kitchen will serve food from 9am to 8pm weekdays (with a short break mid-afternoon from 2.45pm to 4pm) and from 8.30am to 2.45pm weekends and bank holidays.


You may bring guests into the Club, but we ask you to kindly pre-book these with Reception so that we can control the number of guests coming into the Club on any given day.

Thanks again for your patience during this most trying of years! We hope that 21st June will bring a further relaxation.

Steve, Matthew and the Club Towers Team