Club Towers’ Support for Good Causes

17 August 2017

As a high-end members’ Club, one of the things that is very important to me and the staff at Club Towers is that we should develop some initiatives to support those less fortunate than ourselves. We already raised £600 from our Grand Opening Event, which was shared between three deserving local charities.

The plan is to support deserving causes that fall into two categories:

  1. Local charities based in Bedford or the surrounding North Beds area.
  2. Sporting charities or initiatives. These could be promoting greater participation in sport (especially amongst those from poorer backgrounds) or they could be supporting youngsters who are trying to enter the world of elite sport, and need funds to enable them to do this. Obviously priority in this category will be given to racquet sports.


We have a number of plans in the pipeline, which will be unveiled over the next 6-12 months. However, as a first step, we want to make a decision on which charities/initiatives to support in our first year. We thought it would be a nice idea to let our members help make this choice. Accordingly, we would like to ask you to nominate a charity that deserves our support and that falls into one of the above two categories.

To nominate a charity, please simply send us an email with the name to [email protected]. If you want to tell us why you are nominating the charity, then please do so. The deadline for nominations is Thursday August 31st.

Once nominations have been received, we will produce a shortlist, and ask members to vote to decide which will be our two chosen charities for the next 12 months (likely one from each category). These two chosen charities will be announced in mid-September.

The first fund-raising events are planned for the Autumn, so keep an eye on our newsletters for different ways that you can get involved!