Booking, Cancelling & Attending Group Exercise Classes

This blog refers to group-exercise classes ONLY (i.e. studio classes, outdoor classes and gym floor workouts).

You can book classes on the App or the Client Portal, and the process should be straightforward, but the Reception Team are always happy to help if you need some guidance or explanation.

The main points you need to note are as follows:

Booking Classes

  • You can advance book up to 5 classes at any one time. This includes booking onto a Waiting List. For example, if you have four class bookings in place and are booked on one waiting list, you cannot book any more classes until either: you attend a class, you cancel a class or you cancel off a waiting list.
  • This limit of 5 applies across the whole group-ex timetable (e.g. you could book two studio classes, one outdoor class and one gym-floor workout).
  • The booking window for classes is exactly 6 days (144 hours) in advance. For example, you may book a 9.30am Pilates class on Weds 28th, from 9.30am on Thursday 22nd (exactly 6 days before the class starts).   
  • Additional classes (above the limit of 5) can be booked on the day of the class if there is space. This can only be done via Reception.
  • Please note that bookings cannot be made under someone else’s name, the member attending must be the member that’s booked the space. Normal strike rules apply to any non-attendance and in the event of a space becoming available (due to non-attendance) priority would go to those on the waiting list before drop-ins.
  • Unlimited classes can be done on-line via Club Towers Live. Please email [email protected] if you do not have a free access code.

Waiting Lists

  • The waiting list system operates on a ‘queue’ basis. The first person on the waiting list will automatically be moved into the class should a space become available. You will receive an email to notify you that you have been moved into the class and the normal cancellation/strike policies will then apply.
  • In order for the waiting list to be effective, we will limit the size of the list to five, as anything over this is unlikely to result in a space on the class.
  • Please note that booking a space on a waiting list will count as one of your 5 class limit, so please be mindful of this. Only book a waiting list place if you actually intend to attend the class and please remember to cancel your place on the waiting list if it is no longer possible for you to attend that class. Otherwise, there is a danger you could be moved into the class, and then receive a strike for non-attendance.
  • Please also note that if you are on a waiting list for a class in the morning you may get moved onto the class overnight (if someone cancels their place during the night). Therefore please ensure you remove yourself from the waiting list to avoid getting a strike if you no longer wish to attend.

Cancelling Classes

  • The cut off time for cancelling classes is 6 hours before the start of the class. If you cancel a class with 6 or more hours’ notice you will not receive a strike.
  • With the current demand for class spaces, we kindly ask that you consider other members and cancel your class if you no longer wish to attend.


  • You will receive a strike for non-attendance of any class. This includes failing to cancel a class before the start of the 6 hour window (see above). i.e. if you do not cancel a 5pm class before 11am the same day.   
  • If you receive three strikes within a 90-day period, you will receive a 7-day booking ban.
  • After the booking ban, your strikes will be reset to zero.

Arriving at the Club for a Class

  • Please ensure you scan in at the turnstiles (using your QR code). This action records your attendance to the class. The arrival scan lasts for 3 hours so if you are in the Club for longer than this before your class starts you will need to rescan to register your attendance.
  • Please note that if you scan into the club but do not attend the class you have booked, you will be marked as ‘non attended’ by the instructor.
  • On arrival to the studio the instructor will mark you as attended on the register. Please do not attempt do this yourself.