Box League Race Trophy – New!

6 February 2022

Starting February 28th 2022

  • Promotion and relegation each ‘cycle’ (as normal).
  • Play your games and bank points through the year.
  • Player with highest points through the year will be crowned 2022 Box League Race Winner.


Seven cycles through the year:

Cycle 1 –              28th February to 10th April (6 weeks)

Cycle 2 –              11th April to 22nd May (6 weeks)

Cycle 3 –              23rd May to 3rd July (6 weeks)

Cycle 4 –              4th July to 28th August (8 weeks)

Cycle 5 –              29th August to 9th October (6 weeks)

Cycle 6 –              10th October to 20th November (6 weeks)

Cycle 7 –              21st November to 15th Jan (8 weeks)

Good Luck!

We are introducing a new format for the Tennis, Squash and Racketball Box Leagues this year. The usual 6-week cycle of box leagues will continue as usual, and at the end of the seventh cycle we will announce the “2022 BOX LEAGUE RACE WINNERS”. One for Tennis, one for Squash, one for Ladies Squash and one for Racketball. The four sets of leagues are calibrated to start and end at the same date of 15th January 2023.

The winners will be the players who have accumulated the most points through the year, across all the cycles. In the event of a tie the player with the least number of walkover points won will be the winner. If there is still a tie we will compare points conceded. The player who conceded the least points will be winner and have their name on the cup!

Along with a few other fun awards there will also be a prize for the “Most Improved Player” – based on highest rise in the leagues.

What is the aim?

Whatever division you are in you have an equal chance of becoming the 2022 winner. You simply need to play your games and maximise your points through the year. We will publish periodic updates through the year to show accumulated points for the top players, creating excitement and motivation for players to compete right up to the end of 2022.

What happens at the end of the year?

The cycles will begin again from a clean sheet for 2023. Minor adjustments may be made to re-sort players into boxes based on ability. The aim is for players in each box to be closely matched and all players in the leagues to have an equal chance of winning the cup.

Entry to the Leagues

New entrants will normally be entered into the bottom box league. If a new entrant believes they should enter the leagues at a higher position, they should challenge at least two other players prior to entering the leagues and contact the administrator to agree their entry point. They will be entered into a division slightly below their ability for the first cycle or two but must earn promotion by playing and winning their leagues.

Holidays and Injuries

We all get these. At least we hope you have at least one but not the other! So you may sometimes need to drop out of the leagues for a few weeks until you are fit and able to play again. Generally, players returning from injury will be re-entered ONE box below their position prior to dropping out, depending on circumstances.

Need more details? – please speak to the box league administrator or email [email protected]