Body Composition Analysis Service

1 September 2017

Club Towers is this month launching a body composition analysis service for its members. The service uses a new piece of kit we have recently purchased, called a Marsden Body Composition Scale. The new kit enables the gym staff to conduct a 30 second test which will provide the following information:


Body Mass Index (BMI).

Fat Percentage

Fat Free Mass (FFM)

Total Body Water

Basal metabolic rate (BMR)

It is a useful tool in helping to assess what potential health risks you may face, enabling us to advise on a course of action to reduce these risks. It is also a great tool for those that take their sport and exercise really seriously, enabling you to track your training progress, the effect of diet changes, and so on.

However, any member is welcome to book in for an analysis, even if you think your health risks are low. It is a good way to monitor your training progress, making sure you are on the right track to reach your goals and helping assess whether any changes are needed along the way.

To book your body composition analysis, please speak to Reception or one of the gym team.