Beginners show how it’s done at StartRite Tournament

2 February 2023

Eight plucky members turned up for our annual StartRite fun tennis tournament to have their skills put to the test by Head Coach Nick Boys. This is our tournament aimed at those who have completed our StartRite (beginner) and PlayRite (early learner) courses in the last six months; a great first experience of tournament play.  With six tricky rounds and a different partner in every round, the gloves were off as everyone battled to take the gold medal.

Round One was a controlled rally in the service box with bonus target scoring to focus the mind, followed by a volley rally, also in the service boxes. We then saw three rounds of baseline rallying down the line and over both cross courts, followed by the service accuracy contest to complete the six rounds.  The players were then put into pairs and two rounds of social doubles were played to decide the winners.

In third place was Stephanie Wilson-Fowler with 228 points; second was Janusz Maczynski with 255 points and with a great score of 288 the win went to Derek Mcleod. Congratulations to the top three, but a special well done and thanks to all who took part. We look forward to seeing you all back on court very soon.

We run our StartRite and PlayRite courses throughout the year, with StartRite FREE to racquets members. We also have a ProRite course for the next level. If you are interested in finding out more please speak to the Reception team who will be happy to advise of the next available course dates.