Ambidextrous Skills on Display at Wrong-Handed Tournament

14 December 2023

Who would have thought Club Towers was home to so many squash players who could play brilliantly with their wrong hands?! On the night of our Christmas celebration event we ran a fun and social “wrong-handed” squash tournament for the first time at the Club. There was a decent entry of both adult and junior players and the expectation was that playing with your wrong hand would level the playing field considerably.

The event turned out to be very competitive across a series of one game shoot-outs, with all the juniors performing strongly to give the adults a real run for their money. Special mention must go to Alfie, who secured a win against an adult, and Annabel, who came so close in a 12-10 defeat. Also Jamie and Filipe who competed so fiercely despite being the youngest players.   

With the group stages completed, the four top performers were all unbeaten with maximum points and moved on to the semis: Dave Denyer vs Adam Soilleux and Mike Sutliff vs Tim Clinch. Both semis were very tight and edgy affairs, with some great wrong-handed squash on display. Eventually Adam and Tim emerged victorious and after a brief rest headed into the final. It was a super match with Tim’s amazing right-handed forehand drive pitched against Adam’s steady left-handed consistency on both forehand and backhand wings. Adam took the match 11-9, the first prize and, more importantly, the title of “best wrong-handed squash player” at the Club!